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Soul Sustenance 24-04-2014

Performing A Spiritual Audit At The End Of The Day – Part 2 

Yesterday we had explained how self evaluation at the end of the day is extremely vital to one’s progress and development. A useful exercise in this regard is keeping a daily chart for about 3 personality traits or pointsand filling it up every night (lesser than 3 is also fine, but not more , because then you might feel lazy in keeping the chart after a few days and also you might lose focus and the personality traits may not transform as much as you want). You could either evaluate yourself with a yes or no or perform a percentage wise evaluation like 50% or 90% for e.g. We have mentioned below, some of the common traits from which you could select the traits to keep a daily chart for. You could incorporate some other specific traits (not mentioned in this list), which you want to change or develop, depending on your personality: 

In the entire day, today; not only in my words and actions, but also in my thoughts: 
* Did I see everyone’s specialties and keep good wishes for each one, in spite of obvious weaknesses being visible? 
* Did I remain free from all forms of anger, like irritation, frustration, grudge, revenge, etc.? 
* Did I ensure that I neither give nor take sorrow, hurt, pain from anyone? 
* Did I remain free from waste and negative? 
* Did I remain ego less? 
* Did I remain untouched by name, fame, praise, insult? 
* Did I remain stable? 
* Did I remain free from judgments, criticism, jealousy, comparison, hatred, etc.? 
* Did I keep a conscious of serving each one whom I met? 
* Did I bring the 8 main powers into practice and experience being powerful? 
* Did I remain in self-respect and give respect to everyone? 
* Did I practice being soul-conscious in actions and interactions? 
* Did I take a one minute break every hour to reflect, meditate and control the traffic of thoughts in the mind?

Message for the day 24-04-2014

Humility is to respect everything that comes our way. 

Expression: To love simple things is humility. It teaches to respect all that life brings. That means there is an ability to appreciate and value everything appropriately. So one is able to use everything that comes one way to the fullest extent for the benefit of the self and that of others. 

Experience: When I am humble I am able to remain focused on my inner peace and not lose my sense of personal well-being. I am able to simply learn from everything that happens to my life and add on to this sense of well-being. No situation is difficult or impossible to work on, but I am able to overcome all challenges with ease. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris



Soul Sustenance 23-04-2014




Performing A Spiritual Audit At The End Of The Day – Part 1 

Our normal day at the office or/and at home is filled with lots of actions and interactions. On a normal day, without realizing consciously, we create almost 30,000-40,000 thoughts. So, not only are we active physically but extremely active on a subtle or non-physical level also. Imagine sleeping with all this burden of thoughts, words and actions which have been created throughout the day, many of which have been waste and negative in nature. What would be the resulting quality of my sleep? So it is extremely important to perform a spiritual/emotional audit or evaluation at the end of each day. 

In a lot of professional sectors of life today, people recognize the need for reflection and audit, not only of financial records but also a general evaluation of the respective sector, to maintain and improve both the service to customers and the job satisfaction of people working in the sector. Checking my own behavior, as a daily exercise; not just checking, but also bringing about respective changes for the next day, enables me to continue to develop and grow, as a human being and in the quality of my work and personal and professional relationships. Have gone through the self-evaluation, it is also advised to become completely light by submitting the mistakes made and heaviness accumulated in the day to the Supreme Being. Doing this helps me put a full-stop to the same and settle all my spiritual accounts at the end of the day. I need to put an end to all commas (when looking at scenes that caused me to slow down and reduced the speed of my progress), question marks (when looking at scenes which caused a why, what, how, when, etc…. in my consciousness) and exclamation marks (when looking at negative or waste scenes, which were unexpected and surprising) which were created in the day’s activities. Along with remembering what all good happened during the day, what did I achieve and what good actions did I perform, there is lots to forget at the end of the day, which should not be carried into my sleep at any cost. Disturbed, thought-filled, unsound sleep, will result in a not so fresh body and mind the next morning, which will cause my mood to be disturbed, adversely affecting the following day. 

Message for the day 23-04-2014

To be clean at heart is to give happiness to others. 

Expression: The one who has a clean heart is the one who always tries to do the best for those with whom he comes in contact. Thus, the person develops the ability to accept others as they are and ignore anything wrong done by them. Instead, he is able to do the right action without losing the balance. So such a person brings happiness for himself and for others through every action he performs. 

Experience: When I have a clean heart I am able to have an experience of my inner qualities. I am able to enjoy the beauty of the different relationships, each relationship and each person being unique. Thus others are able to get in touch with their inner beauty too. So there is happiness experienced by all. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris



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