Meditation For Overcoming Fear

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Meditation For Overcoming Fear

Breathe deeply. You should say to yourself “relax, calm yourself”. Repeat until you are peaceful and centered. Become serene and feel a sensation of peace and wellbeing. Maintain this serenity on breathing. Free yourself of worries on breathing out. Now slowly create the following thoughts:

I sit comfortably like an observer in silence… I let go of every-thing around me… objects, people, responsibilities, places… I focus my mind on the present moment… I let the serenity… the peacefulness… envelop me… In this calm I can see the dark corners of my inner self… Like shadows, I can see the fears, anxieties, guilt, unhappiness, weaknesses that lie hidden there… Fear has poisoned my being; it has stolen my peace, my happiness and my self-respect…

I accept that there is fear within me… I observe it and I realize that I am not that fear… I am not that weakness… it is not real, it is a shadow… I focus now on what is real: it is love… it is peace… it is wellbeing… it is the purity of the soul, what is real, authentic and true… I only have to access these original qualities and allow these energies to heal and strengthen my soul… To do this, I continue to observe calmly… with patience… I do not allow my mind to judge, or analyze what is happening to me… everything that has happened to me forms part of the past… I have learned from my mistakes… I forgive myself… I forgive others…

Create the following thoughts:

I continue to go forward… I only observe feeling who I am… I am a being of light… a peaceful being… like a small candle that lights up a dark room I radiate light and remove the darkness inside. Conscious of who I am… I imagine that I am in the presence of a generous Being of Light that radiates infinite love, peace and happiness… It is a powerful ocean of love that can dissolve all my fears, the pain and suffering that there is inside my soul…

I open my heart… and mentally I say: “here are my fears… They are yours… They are no longer useful to me… I hand them over to you… I absorb your light… I absorb your love and let it reach each dark corner of my inner self… I feel how your powerful light, full of love, touches my fears… they dissolve and I am freed… I let go of all worries… The weaknesses and problems no longer have power over me… I feel that the Supreme Being is with me… that He accepts me as I am… He comforts me… I feel safe… at peace… in an immense peace… and free of worries…”

I enjoy this present moment in His company and I share this peace and love with the world.

– Message –

To be constantly enthusiastic is to experience freedom.

Expression: When everything is going on well I find myself enthusiastic and have the interest to move forward. But when even a little thing goes wrong, I lose all enthusiasm to do anything else. This creates a bondage for me and I find it difficult to move forward.

Experience: I need to remind myself that to be enthusiastic in all situations is to be like a free bird reaching great heights. To lose enthusiasm according to difficult situations is to be like a caged bird.


A deep understanding and an attitude of pure feelings results in positive thinking.

Expression: When we talk about positive thinking, it is usually just ‘think positive’ and ‘be positive’. But just saying this, either to others or to myself, doesn’t help to change my thoughts permanently, in fact usually, not even temporarily.

Experience: Real positive thinking is much deeper than just to think positive. For this I need to understand and see things as they are, without colouring them with my own attitudes. Then I can deal with things in the most appropriate way, having understood everything accurately.

In Spiritual Service,
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अगर जीवन में सफल हाेना हैं. ताे जहाँ १० शब्दाें से काेई बात बन जाये वहा पर

१०० शब्द बाेलकर अपनी मानसिक और वाणी की ऊर्जा को नष्ट नहीं करना चाहिए॥


अगर जीवन में सफल हाेना हैं, ताे कभी भी काेई भी कार्य करें ताे पुरें मन से करे।

जीवन में सफलता आपकाे देर से ही सही लेकिन सफलता आपकाे जरुर मिलेगी॥


जिनके संकल्प में दृढ़ता की शक्ति है, उनके लिए हर कार्य सम्भव है।


तैयारी इतनी खामोशी से करो की सफलता शोर मचा दे |


जीवन में सदैव शांत मन से साेंच समझ़ कर हीं काेई निर्णय लें।

और जाे निर्णय एकबार लें उसका जीवन में दृढ़ता से पालन करें।





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