A Message On Christmas

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A Message On Christmas

Its Christmas once again, the time to celebrate.
As we decorate the Christmas Tree, let us remind ourselves.
The tree is a symbol of humanity.
The trunk is when we were all united in one religion of peace, love and truth.
We then divided into branches of different religions and then each religion divided into twigs.
The leaves of the tree represents each soul of humanity.
The Shining Star on top, is God who is now giving us the message to unite once again.
As we decorate the tree, let us decorate the soul with virtues of compassion, forgiveness and trust.
Santa Claus, symbolises The Supreme God Father, who comes in these times of darkness, into the dirty old world (chimney), to give us gifts of Purity, Power and Peace.

Christmas is the time of Angels.
We have always looked for our guarding angel, one who would always be there for us, guide us and love us.
Today let us start becoming an angel instead of looking for angels.
When we remember our original nature of love and purity, we accept each one as they are.
We love them and our love and acceptance protects them and empowers them.
We then become an angel to them,
An angel who is a parent, a spouse, a boss, a friend.
When we live by our virtues, we are angels to each one around us.

As we celebrate Christmas let us remember what Christ lived for – Love and Forgiveness.
Why is it so difficult for us to forgive others? Sometimes, even years after a certain incident; sometimes, even after they have apologized; Why?
When we forgive someone, we actually do ourselves a huge favor because through forgiveness, we release all the negative thoughts, emotions and energies that we are holding onto in our anger.
Replaying the moment again and again in our mind, we torture ourselves in so many ways. It hurts us more than them, when we don’t forgive.
So even if you do it for the most selfish of reasons, go ahead and forgive.
First, forgive yourself for holding onto the grudge for as long as you did.
Then, forgive the other person.

– Message –

Where there is zeal and enthusiasm, success is guaranteed.

Expression: If you are not able to experience success in all that you do, check if you are filled with enthusiasm or not. Also find out the reason for not being enthusiastic. This helps you to realize and overcome your weakness.

Experience: In order to increase your own enthusiasm throughout the day, create an aim for yourself and see that you work towards this aim each day. When you find yourself progressing towards the aim you will become enthusiastic.

In Spiritual Service,
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May this Christmas and New Year be filled with new enthusiasm, love, happiness and lots and lots of new hopes for the future. 

Best wishes,

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