A Journey To Happiness Or A Journey Of Happiness

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A Journey To Happiness Or A Journey Of Happiness – Part 1?

A commonly expressed misnomer (an inaccurate expression), in our everyday interactions is – “Wait till I achieve this particular goal, whether it be a promotion, success in a particular exam, marriage, retirement, a birth of a child or an end of a nerve wrecking (tight) situation and I will be happy”. Why are all of these misnomers? Aren’t these all life is all about? Isn’t calling all of these misnomers unnatural? Try remembering a single moment in your life without these and you will be left wondering. In this message, we try and convince our readers the futility (worthlessness) of waiting for goals to be achieved and then becoming happy. So we argue is it a journey to happiness or is it a journey of happiness? The wait for happiness is futile because one goal is followed by another challenge; the challenge is followed by another unexpected phase, leaving us without any moments to experience our desired happiness amidst so many uncomfortable pressure points.

Happiness can be defined as a state of being created, while working towards a goal, not a feeling to be experienced after achieving the goal, simply because life is a journey with a series of goals, sometimes one after the other and sometimes with two or even more than two goals co-existing with each other. So should one anxiously wait for the goals to be achieved or should one take the wait for goals to be achieved, in one’s stride accepting it as a part and parcel of our life journey. For very long, we have associated happinesswith achievement and this has become an integral part of our modern day belief system, as the speed of life has become faster and more challenging with each day. We suggest a change in this ideology and associatehappiness with experiencing each day –creative ideas; experiencing strengths, specialties and skills by bringing them in action and also experiencing beautiful relationships with others; the relationship with the self; and love by sharing and receiving it from others.

– Message –

You receive cooperation from others when you have a clear aim.

Contemplation: When you are doing something with a clear picture in your mind others will naturally cooperate with you. If you are not sure of what you are doing and why you will not be able to receive their cooperation.

Application: When you want the cooperation of others in what you do make sure that you are sure of what you are doing. Be clear in your mind of what you want to achieve and you will find others helping you.


A Journey To Happiness Or A Journey Of Happiness – Part 2?

It is worth wondering that obstacles on the life journey can be temporary obstructions in our achievements, but not obstructions in our happiness. Only then the journey of life will be a journey of happiness and not a journey to happiness. One of the most important ways of remaining happy during the journey with many challenges co-existing at the same time is increasing the wealth of our thinking. The right type of thinking will make us happy even if there are unfinished tasks or goals or life events which we are keenly anticipating to get over. Raise the bar of your thinking on a challenging day and see how rich and full you feel internally which will make you pure happiness conscious and not challenge conscious and also notdate conscious, the date when the challenge will be overcome which you cannot wait to see unfold in front of your eyes. The source of rich thinking is a choice for you to make which we will not thrust upon you but do make a good selection and feed that source every day to your mind before leaving for work or starting any day-long activity which keeps you occupied.

Also, have you heard the story of the woodcutter who used to work very hard the whole day but used to not cut much by the end of the day without realizing the reason for the same. This went on for many days until one fine day someone suggested to him that why don’t you sharpen your axe? He did that and his tiring days got over. Likewise we go on and on the whole day in search of different life purposes without ever sparing a thought that our axe which is our strengths, specialties and skills, needs to be sharpened. Not a single day should pass without experiencing our strengths, positives and special personality traits including our unique talents. You might wonder how we will experience these? The path is simple – by bringing them into the playing field of practical action. This will not only make you fuller, but along with that, both – the practical application of these unique positives inside you and the pure happiness due to the high self-esteem experienced will pave the path for the faster fulfillment of your ambitions.

– Message –

When each one is working towards a common task, cooperation becomes easy.

Contemplation: To get others’ cooperation you need to share the task and the information regarding the task with others. When you communicate your motives using easy and simple language, everyone can understand and feel a part of the whole and they would naturally contribute their best.

Application: Any new task that you take up make sure you inform all the details to everyone related to the task. Even the minutest details when communicated to others, helps in creating a priority in them to give their best to the task.


A Journey To Happiness Or A Journey Of Happiness – Part 3?

It is said that the power of love can move mountains. We need to look at resources like love that exist in the universe, in our relationships which can uplift our spirits and reduce the tightness that exists due to unfinished tasks and objectives. It is said that any type of intoxication can reduce our stresses and make us optimistic in times of distress. Love is one such type of intoxication and here love can range from the love between two friends to that between a mother and her fledgling (young) child. Love can also be spiritual i.e. the love experienced from a strong relationship with a deity or God. For some even love for the self, nurtured by giving time to an art, music, a sport, a good book, a hobby or a meditation, can be energizing and liberating. For another set of people, love for a figure head who may be a politician, an entertainer, a sportsman or an actor can be an uplifting power.

So instead of becoming subservient (under the influence of) to time, instead of saying that time will tell and time will heal, let’s use the power of love to remain satisfied to the core in the present. Life is full of so many beautiful relationships (a few mentioned in this message) and the different shades of love that each relationship provides. By emerging these different shades of love in our consciousness at different types depending on the situation scenario, the clouds of unfulfilled expectations or expectations that are to be fulfilled sometime in the future (but uncertainty regarding them exists); will disappear. A roller-coaster life ride full of the rises of will happens and the falls of will not happens will get replaced by a smooth train ride in which you constantly experience the breeze of satisfaction and joy to the fullest. So do tap the power of love and enjoy every moment without losing focus of your aspirations (goals). This is the method of experiencing true happiness and this is our experience here at the Brahma Kumaris. So do give it a try!

– Message –

When you look at the specialities in each one you can easily cooperate with others and receive their cooperation.

Contemplation: Each and every individual has something special. If you make the habit of seeing these specialities, you will find that others are able to relate to you with these specialities and you can easily get their cooperation. You will also be able to cooperate with them easily.

Application: Think of one person you are not able to cooperate with. Now think of one speciality of that person. Make sure you relate to this speciality whenever you come into contact with this person. As you continue this practice you will find your negativity vanishing away and cooperation becomes easy.


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