Receiving The Gifts Of God

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come face-to-face with the highest authority in the universe, to have a meeting of a few seconds or a few minutes or a few hours with God, the ocean of knowledge, the ocean of love, the ocean of power and the ocean of bliss? In this message series, we would like to present in front of you, with a humble heart, an attitude of obedient service and a sweet, pure intention of sharing, our collective experiences of such meetings in our daily lives.

Have you ever imagined that you can tie God with the strings of love to your heart i.e. you were to come so close to him whereby he would be just like any other person in your life, someone with whom you can discuss just about anything that you wished, someone whom you could confide in, someone whom you can give your heart to, someone from whom you can receive helpful friendly responses when you are faced with difficulties, someone whom you can call out to with the voice of your heart and receive the gift of his company in less than a second, someone whom you can receive sustenance from just like physical parents give to their children, someone from whom you can receive secrets of living life the right way and be free from confusion, someone whom you can dance in joy with when he showers your life with success, someone who fills your intellect and nature with thousands of virtues and powers, someone whose angelic hands you experience on your head while performing the most routine actions of the day, someone who offers you the fortune to help him in his task of world transformation? This is the beautiful blessing to the present moments in the history of humanity, also called the most auspicious and most valuable Confluence Age (or Sangamyuga), between the Iron Age (or Kaliyuga) and the future Golden Age (or Satyuga), when God is distributing the gifts of his beautiful company and offering the canopy of his love to all his children, the lucky soul-stars of the Earth.


When you are full with the treasure of good things that you have imbibed you begin to donate to others too.

Expression: Check if you are expecting either from others or from situations or you are yourself a donor. Where there is any kind of emptiness within there is expectation and you will not be able to give others.

Experience: Practice looking at your own specialities and see what you can contribute to others from this treasure. When you make the practice of sharing the good things you have, you’ll stop expecting from others.

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From our experience, the most beautiful gift of the present time, is the start of our daily routine, which begins in the lap of love of the Supreme Father (whom we all have experienced to be a subtle being of light, full of spiritual love) either as a point source of magnetic spiritual light, someone whose aura is so supremely charged that it envelopes the being of light or soul or the inner me completely or in the angelic form, through which we experience the multifarious (different types of) human relationships which we play on the physical world stage, but in their most perfect and pristine (pure) form. We normally rise up very early at around 3.30 a.m., which is also called Amritvela or the sweet nectar time, when a rising song is played and after freshening up; perform the meeting with this Supreme Light in both the forms (explained above) from 4 a.m. to 4.45 a.m. The meeting is a visualization process, because the meeting is not visible to the physical eyes. The posture of the meeting is a simple one, just sitting cross-legged or on a chair comfortably, with the eyes open and soft red light illuminating the room, where the relaxation exercise is performed. Gentle flute like music or of a similar type is normally played in the background and a soothing song is normally played at the start and just before the end of the beautiful meeting of hearts of the soul and its father, its mother, its beloved, its best friend, its teacher and its guru all submerged into a single entity – the Supreme Ocean of Love, the Father of Fathers, commonly called God.

Love for both forms of remembrance of God – the point form and the angelic form is an integral part of the life at the Brahma Kumaris. Even during the day, five times, a short song is played amidst actions where we transfer our consciousness from action and connect through both these mediums (also calledmind traffic control), thereby maintaining the love filled connection constantly. The point form is a powerful connection which strengthens the inner being or soul, purifies it immensely and fills it with the seven primary virtues whereas the angelic meeting is a loveful soft union with the Supreme, where the soul not only gets cleansed but can eat, sleep and play with the Supreme; hold his hands, relax with and sit in his lap and also experience his warm touch and absorb his spiritual energy through his angelic vision or drishti and be face-to-face with him, just like making a meeting similar to one we make in the physical world.


Become the ones who make efforts continuously and experience constant self-progress.

Expression: Check if there is any doubt within you whether you’ll succeed or not. If there is any such doubt it means that your effort is not continuous. Where there is constant effort you experience constant progress.

Experience: Each day remind yourself of at least one thing that you have achieved for the day. When you make a habit in this way, you will be able to notice and experience the fruit of the effort that you put in.

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A very significant aspect of life with the Brahma Kumaris, whether surrendered in the organization or staying at home and performing a homemaker’s or/and professional role and following all the principles of the Brahma Kumaris is listening to a four page spiritual lesson at any of the Brahma Kumaris official centres everyday. The lesson is a common one i.e. the same on a particular day at all centres all over the world in around 110 countries, which is read by an experienced teacher of the meditation and spiritual wisdom as shared by the Brahma Kumaris. It is called murli or the flute of knowledge by us. It is conducted in the mornings at around 7 a.m. at the centres, and is held after early morning meditation and following the morning duties dedicated to the physical body and some light house work. All members of the organization have experienced drastic transformation in their personality and also an immense increase in their happiness levels and a capacity to remain empowered amidst difficult worldly situations by receiving this morning gift for even a few months from God.

To end on a note dedicated to our love for the Supreme, we would like to share our warm feelings with you by reminding you that our hearts have longed for a life in the canopy of God over thousands of years and it is our personal wish that when God is offering the treasures of his divine company to his soul-children, we do not miss the amazing opportunity of filling our hands full with these treasures and distributing the same to each and every human being whom we meet and bringing smiles back on their faces in demanding times of busy schedules and tight deadlines combined with difficulties in all spheres of our lifestyles including inner pressures due to various reasons. So let us awaken and come together under one umbrella of God’s spiritual love and a common bond between all of us – one of spiritual brotherhood and join hands together and make the most benefit of the present moments. There will come a time in the near future when these precious moments will no longer be available and easy to savour (enjoy) as the cycle of time turns further and time enters a phase of unexpectedness with the world atmosphere deteriorating and sorrow in human hearts increasing and God becoming difficult to remember and even God taking up a stance of detachment, due to the same and not offering his love in the same way.


You can remain stable when you learn to apply a full-stop.

Expression: In any difficult situation, check if you are having thoughts like, “why do things happen with me like this or why is this person behaving in this way” etc. you can never remain stable when you have such questions.

Experience: Tell yourself that it is much easier to put a full-stop(.) than putting a question mark(?). understand the difference between worrying and finding solutions and worrying. If there is a solution, find it, if there isn’t let things take care of themselves and put a full-stop.

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