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ϒ Situation Proofing Yourself ~ Part-1 ϒ

We all belong to a group of pupils (or learners) who are always learning a lesson at every step of our respective lives. The real life situations are our lessons in disguise which come to teach us something or the other in a short span of time and bring in front of us questions in the form of – How will I ever live a life without a loved one, lost due to death or due to differences in opinions or Why did this particular event ever have to happen to me like an illness or a sudden financial loss at the workplace or When will I achieve the desired success in a difficult scene full of events that dare to challenge my mental security or What did I do in my past births the results of which I am seeing in the form of a loved one not looking at me with the love and respect that I deserve?

You have obviously heard of water-proofing. A rain coat worn in the rains does that. We create a new term in this message, a term which you will love to relate to and not commonly used – we call it situation-proofing, a term created based on our experiences after having lived many years a lifestyle based on what we learn everyday at the Brahma Kumaris and realized through meditation, introspection (looking inwards) and self-study. The situations are there, who ever said that they will not raise their ugly head from time to time, but the term we have created is based on the wisdom shared at the Brahma Kumaris. A life with the Brahma Kumaris does not mean that life does not have its share of ups and downs. The same applies to living a life without spirituality. A spiritual lifestyle or what we call alokik(in Hindi) life, does not mean no difficult situations either, because you live in the same world as outside, you only re-mould the way you live your life and make significant positive changes in the way you perceive difficult situations and become situation-proof and free of worry. Life for all of us does involve different types of challenging situations, sometimes in the form of a temporary rise of a sanskara or a personality trait like anger or jealousy or ego; sometimes in the form of lack of respect by a work colleague; sometimes just a challenging or difficult work task in the sphere of action; sometimes in the form of difficult relationships with people, when nothing is wrong with the other but just a clash of personalities of two people, when what is required is just a sacrifice of the I and my or sometimes in the form of a temporary setback in the physical body, etc.


To have the awareness of being God’s instrument is to bring about a positive change.

Expression: When there is the awareness of being an instrument of God, there would be the desire to do the best and be the best. So each and every thing I do would be for the improvement for the self. Due to this there would be divinity and speciality seen in every thing that is done. This would also bring the awareness of all the resources and they would also be used in a worthwile way.

Experience: When I am aware of my own role and what I contribute through my specialities, I recognise the fact that I am a beautiful instrument of God. This awareness naturally helps me be in my state of self-respect under all circumstances. I find myself giving my best and making myself more and more beautiful within. So I find that I am able to bring about a positive change with great ease.

ϒ Situation Proofing Yourself ~ Part-2 ϒ

A life without situations is like trying to live a life in an imaginary world, cut off from reality. There are two categories of people. One will make the situation smaller by waking up their positive perceptions. The other will make the situation bigger than what it is by waking up their negative perceptions. The negative perceptions are the first reasons for making an easy situation seemingly difficult or a difficult situation into a very difficult one. The negative perceptions stand on four pillars, the four questions – How? Why? When? What? Just remember the last time you were faced with a difficult situation, it was always one of these four questions or more than one on which your perceptions stood. If it’s all four, then the negative perceptions become the strongest and stand the tallest. And of course the other two exclamations or surprises – the If! and the But! These raise the negative perceptions even higher and before you know the situation takes alarming proportions, by a negative perception personality. On the other hand, a person who is a positive perception personality will rise above these questions and not create these two exclamations. This is situation-proofing. A situation is there but I have situation-proofed myself i.e. I go beyond the influence of the situation by keeping these questions and exclamations away and not give the negative perceptions an overwhelming form.

As we all know, the energy of our consciousness (or smriti in Hindi) flows into our attitudes (or vriti in Hindi) and shapes them, the energy of our attitudes flows into our perceptions or the way we look at real-life situations (drishti or drishtikon in Hindi) and shapes them and finally the energy of our perceptions flows into our words and actions (or kriti in Hindi) and shapes them. This is the subtle role play that takes place in our mind and this is the process that is required to be completely understood before understanding how situation-proofingworks, which we shall explain in tomorrow’s message.


The one who has the courage to face is the one who can bring about a change.

Expression: When there is a challenge which brings out a negative response, there is an immediate desire to move away from the situation so that the negativity finishes. But the real challenge is not the situation itself, but the expression of a weakness within. The one who has the courage to face this weakness and work on it is able to bring about a change accordingly.

Experience: When I am able to face the challenge of working on my own weaknesses, instead of moving away from the situation I am able to experience progress at every step. Then there will be no feeling of helplessness but I will be able to have full control on the situation. So there is the ability to learn from each situation and move forward constantly.

ϒ Situation Proofing Yourself ~ Part-3 ϒ

Situation-proofing is the art which can be defined as: Keeping your consciousness free from the questions marks and the exclamation marks or surprising marks mentioned in yesterday’s message, over a lengthy period of time. This is an empowered or powerful consciousness with little room for the negative or waste thought patterns. Such a positive consciousness carrying person then has a positive attitude. A positive attitude then influences our perception of problems and makes it positive and that finally leads to positive or correct words and actions which are required to solve the problem at hand and become free from the influence of the problem.

Thus, in short, our thoughts are the foundation of our perception. Negative perceptions stand on the foundation of thoughts of negativity which are filled with questions and exclamations (or surprises) created sometimes over a complete life time and positive perceptions stand on the foundation of thoughts of positivity over a long period of time. It’s not just about that particular moment of time or creating positive thoughts at the time, when you are in trouble and faced with a difficult situation. It’s a complete life period or a practice of many years or atleast a few months. The mind does not become empowered overnight. Its many different situations, achieving victory many times in keeping the mind positive in all those situations which transforms and keeps the perception positive in circumstances that one is going to be faced with in the future. Thoughts of positivity are like clean water poured in the vessel of the mind which is used to creating thoughts of negativity which are like unclean water which the vessel is always filled with. A large volume of clean water or thoughts of positivity is required to be poured into the vessel so that the unclean water is completely replaced by the clear water of positive thoughts. So, pour positive and beautiful thoughts into your mind everyday for a few minutes through spiritualgyan or knowledge and slowly over a period of time the question marks and exclamation marks in situations which confuse you and cloud your positive perception capabilities will be removed and you will remain situation-proofed.


True honesty to the self brings the power to bring about change.

Expression: To be honest is not just to be truthful. It is more to be honest with the self. The one who is honest with the self constantly has the aim of bringing about a change for the better. Each situation is used as a chance for the betterment of the self. So there is always the aim not to repeat the mistakes that are committed once.

Experience: When I am honest with myself I am able to feel the constant progress and experience the happiness of moving forward under all circumstances. I have the power to understand the situation, not just from my point of view, but more in a detached way. So I am able to understand and accept whatever the situation holds for me and learn from it humbly.

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