If Tomorrow Didn’t Exist

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If Tomorrow Didn’t Exist – Part – 1

Preparing for a tomorrow has become a part of our present day lives but we at the Brahma Kumaris are preparing the world for a tomorrow which is to be created by our pure thoughts, words and actions, that means a tomorrow which we cannot see with our physical eyes but a tomorrow based on our spiritual conviction and powerful belief and inner trust on who has promised us this tomorrow based on the knowledge of the repetitive world drama, which is there with Him – the seed of the human world tree – our and your Father – Shiva (or point) – the bodiless Supreme Father or Supreme Being of Light, not to be confused with the deity form of Shankarwhich is a physical form worshipped in temples of Shiva and is a remembrance of intense meditation. Shiva is just a name which meansbindi or point. The form of Shiva shown in temples in the form of the jyotirlingam is a representation of this name. Shiva should not be seen as one of the Hindu Gods or even one of the Gods of the different religions of the world.

To have inner trust on who is promising us a positive future, we need to know his identity by going back into the history of the worship of God. Do you know that the path of devotion or bhakti, when it began, was the worship of only the one bodiless God in India? Later God started being worshipped in a physical form in India. In India, the worship of different devis and devtas like Shri – Lakshmi, Radhe andSita; Shiv Shaktis like Durga and Kali and also Shri – Krishna, Vishnu, Rama, Hanuman and Ganesha began later than the worship of the one bodiless God Father. Even in world religions all across the world, God is often remembered as a light form. He is the Universal Light. In Christianity, the Bible states – I Have Come Into The World As Light. In Islamism, the Koran states that – Allah Is The Light Of The Heavens And The Earth. In Buddhism, the Dhammapada states that – The Radiance Of Buddha Shines Ceaselessly. In the religion of the Jews, the Psalms state that – The Lord Is My Light, Whom Shall I Fear? In Sikhism, the Adi Granth states that – God, Being Truth, Is The One Light Of All. So in almost all religions, God was remembered as a being of light, directly or indirectly. As time progressed, like in India, the Fathers of different religions, like Christ, Buddha, Guru Nanak and Mahavir were worshipped like God and started being looked upto almost as equally highly as God, which was a mistake because they were pure souls and not God or the Supreme Soul or param-atma.

Θ Message Θ

To be free from blame and excuses is to get others’ help too.

Thought to ponder: When I blame others for whatever has happened to me, I lose the chance for improvement. On the other hand, when I make effort to bring about a change, using that situation as a learning point for myself, I find others helping too. There is no negativity involved, but only a move towards a positive change.

Point to practice: Today I will not blame anyone for whatever happened to me. I will find a way to deal with the situation, without blaming others or trying to escape by giving excuses. I would be able to courageously take on any situation that I would be faced with.

If Tomorrow Didn’t Exist – Part – 2

The Supreme source of spiritual light – God, as explained in yesterday’s message, is above whatever is happening in the world at the present moment of time but not at all unconcerned about it. In fact, as a loveful parent of the whole of humanity above us, He wants to give us a secure future for our lives, which means no sorrows and no problems – both problems in our personal lives as well as problems in the whole world. We have just seen an earthquake cause sorrow to thousands of people in Nepal and of course God does not want more of this in the future that He wants to give us and the complete world.

Sorrows in the world are not as old as the world as you might think. We all know from the earlier messages that we have shared with our readers in the past that time is cyclic, not a straight line. We all, in this world drama, move from joy to sorrow, until God saves us and brings the world of joy back into our hands. It is because time is cyclic and extreme sorrow is always followed by joy and a world of joy has existed in the past, that God is stable inspite of all the sorrows in the world on the rise. You would say that natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, droughts and road accidents as well as airplane crashes and of course other untimely deaths due to illnesses like cancer and heart failures apart from terrorism and war are a part of life and we have to accept them as a part of the current world situations. But remember, we are living in a world which is transforming or changing continuously. Illnesses like AIDS and severe psychiatric ailments like schizophrenia which are now commonly found in people of all age groups were either not there or found so rarely that they were almost unheard of amongst the world public in general, about 100 years ago. So, the world has in front of our eyes, changed negatively. Scientific progress has also taken place in this time which has connected people all across the globe; that cannot be denied, but it has had its negative effects as well in the form of work stress and extremely busy lifestyles and the rise of other physical illnesses due to that.

Θ Message Θ

To be an example is to inspire people to change.

Thought to ponder: It is not always necessary to correct people through words. When my own actions don’t reflect the words that I speak, it will not have any effect on people. They would want to see the change that I talk about in my own actions. Since actions speak louder than words, they are inspired to bring about a change in themselves too.

Point to practice: Today I will be an example for others in whatever I do. I will check myself when I find the need to correct someone. I will bring about a change in that particular aspect. Then, whether I see the desired change in the other person or not, at least I am richer for whatever effort I make.

If Tomorrow Didn’t Exist – Part – 3

A world full of joy is an impossible thing to think about and a world where the clouds of sorrow are right on top of us looks more of a possibility for the complete world. Keep your hand on your heart and ask yourself for a moment if the tomorrow based on what you see happening in the world today, didn’t exist what would you do today to create a secure future for your lives and the world as a whole, a future as per what God thinks and plans.

God is often in story books shown as a white bearded figure sitting in the clouds and giving us joy as well as sorrow. But God is a Supreme Being of Consciousness, not visible to the physical eyes, who stays beyond the clouds and the world of the five elements of sky, air, fire, water and earth in the sixth element. He does not ever hurt His children but only thinks of the welfare of His children from every nation of the world. He is a being of energy or spiritual light and might with a most powerful mind and intellect in the Universe watching over the current rise in difficult situations in the lives of millions of people across the world. Don’t think He is merciless. He is on an incognito level awakening the consciousness of human souls and empowering their mind and intellect so that the effect of this subtle thought power flows into the world and even the five elements of nature and makes them peaceful and co-operative instead of as violent as they are today. This is the secret task of God. God is not indifferent or cold to the sorrows of the old world. In fact, He, being the most patient being in the Universe, is working tirelessly on an incognito level to bring back the world of the past, a world of joy. Don’t forget that even about 500 years ago, the world was filled with the energy of joy much more than the joy of the present world although scientific advancement was less at that time, but everyone in the world at that time lived together like one big happy family much more than how we live with each other today.

Θ Message Θ

To do the internal dance of happiness at the time of tiredness is to bring an instant change in our mood.

Thought to ponder: When I am tired, it is easy to give in to the tiredness and feel low, irritable or vulnerable. At such a time, I need to do something that my mind can dance with happiness. When I have the aim of being happy and do this little exercise of being happy, I will be able to be free from tiredness of the body and mind.

Point to practice: Today I will do something nice to recharge myself. It could be something as simple as listening to a nice song or taking a peaceful walk or painting something. This little effort of mine would give me happiness and bring enthusiasm in all I do.

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