Improving Your Responses By Moving From A State Of Doing To Being

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Improving Your Responses By

 – Moving From A State Of Doing To Being 

This is a meditation exercise which you can practice anytime in the day when you are busy interacting with someone or a group of people. At that time, create the thoughts below, very, very slowly in your mind. Experience the essence of each thought –

I am a soul and at peace with myself and the world around me… This scene, in which I find myself in, is one of many scenes in which I play a role… Now, I disconnect for a few seconds from what is happening around me… Mentally (not physically), I take a step back and just watch, as an observer, what is happening… I make no judgments – I just observe… As I observe, I see that each soul in the scene is playing their own unique role, according to their capability and understanding, because of which I accept each one completely without any conditions…

I remain patient in allowing this scene to develop in a natural way… I wait for an invitation to participate – it always comes finally… I have no desires from the situation… But, at the same time, I am happy to contribute towards achieving the most positive and effective result… In the meantime I maintain my peace and share the energy of that peace with all around me as this is the most important contribution that I can make… I realize that simply by observing peacefully I am participating positively in this scene…

If you dedicate time to consciously practice the above meditation for a few moments in many actions during the day, you will finally find that you move into this state of just being (while yet doing) very, very naturally. You are not avoiding life or the world around you. Instead, you are learning to take control of your awareness and involvement, disconnect when you want, be more mentally sharp in understanding (what is visible as well as subtle or non-visible) all that is happening around you and give yourself the time and the personal space to respond accurately and positively.


To believe that destiny is in my hands is to create a positive future for myself.

Thought to ponder: It is easy to blame destiny when something goes wrong. But instead of just blaming, if we begin to understand that ‘today is past for tomorrow, we will be able to act accordingly. With every action that I am doing today, I am creating a future for myself. I need to pay attention to do such actions which will create a better future for myself.

Point to practice: Today I will do something that will help me build a better future for myself. I will initiate one positive action that I will sustain. I will do this with the belief that I am the master of my destiny and that future is in my hands. This will help me create a fortune for myself.

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Amazing changes the conversation yourself can be brought tolife by. By doing this you Recognize hidden within the buraiyaensolar radiation, and encourage good solar radiation to becomethemselves.

 ~KMSRAJ51 (“तू ना हो निराश कभी मन से” किताब से)

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