Believe It Or Not

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♥ Believe It Or Not – Part 1 

Remembering the time when the world was a united kingdom of peace, love and happiness which lasted till we came down from our throne of purity and started playing with the dust of body consciousness, ignoring the truth of the universe. The truth was – body consciousness attracts sorrow and soul consciousness attracts the opposite emotion i.e. joy. Why does God never experience sorrow although He is also a player in the world drama? The reason for that is simple. He follows the truth of the universe by remaining soul conscious right through the time He plays His role either on earth for a few years or when he stays in the soul world for rest of the time. Imagine thinking about God as someone who is lustful or can you imagine God as revengeful? Does anyone all over the world in different religions every say God is one of these? Many of us have grown up hearing that God created man in his own image, right from our school days. So, a man in God’s image should not ideally be either impure in any way or come under the influence of emotions of jealousy, anger, hatred and ego. Then, why is it that these emotions find a common place in the consciousness of today’s man, so much so that life without them cannot be imagined by many or for most it is unnatural to live without them. Obviously, the saying mentioned above is for how man was in the beginning and not the man which we see today.

We have all also heard of Adam and Eve become sinful after biting the forbidden fruit, which suggests that man in its originality was a human with better virtues – virtues like what God possesses – without any lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. Believe it or not – man was like God, the way he used to talk, perform actions and come into contact with others. It was as if God was talking through every human being in that paradise or heaven which we talk about very commonly, when man started playing his role on planet earth.


To have accurate understanding is to be cheerful.

Thought to ponder: Just like a scientist who has love for truth, will spend hours together, and repeat experiments to find the truth, we too need to make effort to get to the truth of things. The truth is always beautiful and will make me positive and cheerful. If I am not able to be cheerful, it means I need to experiment some more.

Point to practice: Today I will make a special effort to see the beauty in everything. I will also check if I am able to be constantly cheerful or not. I’ll also make special effort to understand the deeper aspects. I will not give up till I get to the beauty of things.

♥ Believe It Or Not – Part 2 

There was a time once in the history of humanity when men and women lived in complete harmony and the world was not divided into so many countries as it is today. On the other hand the world was like one small family with a population of only a few lakhs, which later increased as time passed and more and more souls came down from the soul world to accompany the original population of the earth. This one united kingdom is represented by the crown of gold and the one united religion is represented by the aura or crown of purity around the deities or also called as devi devtas, the human beings with divine qualities. Even the idols of deities which are worshipped with so much respect are shown as wearing both these crowns, inside temples of worship. They are extremely beautiful human beings – both in terms of physical beauty as well as inner beauty i.e. their natures are like God’s nature. Also, they are the richest in terms of physical and spiritual attainments. That is why they are given a status equal to God. Most people do not even consider them as different from God but they are very much human, humans who are the purest and with the highest divine qualities. They are not the one God or the Supreme although they are commonly called gods and goddesses because they were similar to God in qualities.

Such divine human beings devis and devtas who are still remembered so much, when they lived, they spent the most beautiful moments in the history of mankind, a time which is also called swarg or heaven commonly by us. All the religions of the world have recorded histories and we know approximately from our history books when they were established. But the deities or devi devtas, who existed prior to the important religions of the world are only remembered in our religious books and not at all mentioned in our history books because the history of those times was not recorded. But because they have existed in the past, people all over the world remember deities ordevi devtas like Shri Radhe Krishna, Shri Lakshmi Narayan and Shri Ram Sita.


To be free from expectations is to have freedom.

Thought to ponder: When I expect others to behave in a particular way, and they don’t fulfill these expectations, there is sorrow. I slowly become totally dependent on others’ behavior for my state of happiness and wellbeing. Since others will mostly not behave according to what I want them to, I feel mostly deprived.

Point to practice: Today I will be a giver instead of a taker, whenever I am faced with a difficult situation. Let me check within, what I have and give from it. It could be a simple thought of understanding, positivity or even a good wish. When I do this, I will be free from the bondage of expectations and disappointments.

♥ Believe It Or Not – Part 3 

We all respect the devis and devtas who are our ancestors and they are our ancestors in terms of time but in reality, they are our initial roles which we played in the world drama. It may seem difficult to believe, but man came down so much in terms of qualities that today it is difficult for man to believe that the ones he has been worshipping since such a long time is his first, second or third birth or his initial births when he first came down in the world from the soul world to play his part. Today, we are uncertain about who we were in the beginning. God, who has seen the world drama right from the beginning, gives us the knowledge of our original births as deities or devi devtas who were the purest human beings with no trace of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. If we were to believe in the existence of the soul, we would logically realize that the soul comes down in its purity level after many cycles of birth and death. So isn’t it very much believable that we were perfect deities and then we became humans with weaknesses, of today? Today we cannot call ourselves completely perfect unless we are working on ourselves internally to become better human beings. When we believe in rebirth and the soul’s immortality, this knowledge about our earliest births becomes easy to believe.

Right now is the time to remain above the difficulties of the old world when we have lost our purity on the soul level and connect with the Ocean of Purity – God and regain back our initial status which we have forgotten i.e. a status of the devi devtas. You might wonder that how we will be transformed back into them. That is the present incognito task of God and it is souls from amongst us, belonging to different religions, who will take up the responsibility for the purification of the world by changing themselves and starting a new beginning of the world. This will be a beginning before which the more than 7 billion human souls of the world will return to the soul world and souls will come back in small numbers from the soul world and the world will start with the birth of deities or devi devtas on the planet earth, what is called heaven.


To be powerful is to have the ability to withstand negativity.

Thought to ponder: When there is power within, I am able to respond in the right way to situations and people. I will be like a hard rock which doesn’t allow any water to go within. On the other hand, if I become like a sponge, I will absorb a lot of what others are giving me. If I continue to absorb others’ negativity, I would find myself becoming negative too. Since I am taking, they too would continue giving me.

Point to practice: Today I will be strong. I will take a powerful thought that I will keep it with me through out the day. I am the one who has the power within me to withstand anything that comes my way. When I think this way, I will be able to move forward, learning and discovering something new from within me at every step.

♥ Believe It Or Not – Part 4 

Whenever the world needs a cleaning up of the collective consciousness of mankind, that’s when an inner awakening is required, a realization that I need to change and clean up the cupboards of my mind and become a perfect personality, but a perfect personality as defined by God and not by the world and mankind in general. Perfection has been defined differently by different religions and people from different sections of society. So, which definition of perfection should I as a person, in the search of perfection, choose? Should I pick Jesus Christ or should I pick Gautam Buddha or should I stick to the Indian shastras or religious books or should I listen to my parents for that matter? The more the different people and their different opinions on perfection, the more I will get confused on which road to take to reach my destination of perfection. In such an atmosphere of unlimited views and opinions on what a perfect human being should be and how he should become that and also a lot of us want to know that what is the need of becoming perfect, especially if we are extremely successful and life has given us everything we need and we search for on a material level.

So, who is the One who can guide me correctly and give me the answers to all these questions? It has to be someone whom each and everyone in the world rates as being perfect and who is available for me at the present moment. This is not my parent or a guru or religious head or a deity who have existed in the past on the earth. God, who is the Supreme Father of all souls and is above the cycle of perfection and imperfection, can only tell me what is perfection and the method of reaching that perfection. Even deities and fathers of religions who were perfect or close to perfect and have existed in the past are no longer there physically to guide me. Only God, the Supreme Being, who does not go through the process of birth and rebirth can show me the way to becoming a perfect human being with qualities which He has inside Him.


Real powerful actions inspire others to be positive and powerful too.

Thought to ponder: There is a saying that there is a metal (‘Paras’) that makes iron to gold. We need to be like that, i.e., when our words and actions are powerful, it will inspire others to become powerful too. On the other hand, in the face of negativity, if we tend to portray negativity, they will never have the power to make their actions positive.

Point to practice: Today I will take a fast of not using negativity. Just for today, I will make sure that in spite of negative situations, I will remain positive. I will let no negative word emerge from my mouth nor will I perform any negative action. I will pay special attention to this.

♥ Believe It Or Not – Part 5 

When we come into this world, we were completely full of 36 divine qualities – Accuracy, Appreciation, Benevolence, Carefreeness, Cheerfulness, Cleanliness, Contentment, Co-operation, Courage, Detachment, Determination, Discipline, Easiness, Egolessness, Energetic, Far-Sightedness, Fearlessness, Generosity, Good Wishes, Honesty, Humility, Introspection, Lightness, Maturity, Mercy, Obedience, Orderliness, Patience, Politeness, Purity, Royalty, Self-Confidence, Simplicity, Sweetness, Tirelessness and Tolerance.

If you check the above list, you will realize how today none of us have all these qualities and that too at all times in all situations. Try naming one person in your life who never lacks these qualities and you will find it impossible to find someone who is never missing these qualities in his or her day-to-day living and when in contact with people i.e. while playing different roles in society in their personal or professional life. The devi devtas whom we call the ones who were perfect human beings had these qualities and that too in every situation of life, when they lived in the world in heaven or paradise. This was because they were completely pure souls without any trace of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and because of that they possessed all these qualities. That was the most beautiful time on the planet earth when these deities lived together as one small united family and there were no sinful actions performed ever by anyone. Even founders of different religions and sects are praised immensely all over the world for their qualities and people all over the world are inspired by the actions which they performed when they played their roles right from the time they started being established. Right now is the time to fill ourselves with the 36 qualities mentioned above by listening to spiritual knowledge, remembering God, self-introspection and helping God in the service of mankind.


Attention finishes tension.

Thought to ponder: When there is attention on small little things, I do everything well. I don’t postpone, nor am I careless. I take care of the small little details and do things well. I am also far sighted and am able to plan and act accordingly. So I am free from tension.

Point to practice: Today I will finish all those little things that would create a problem for me later. I will surely make a list of things I need to do. I will then pick out two tasks from that list and finish them today.

♥ Believe It Or Not – Part 6 

We are all today living in a world of multiple identities, multiple governments and also multiple religions and castes, which is a very different set up from the united set up which was the set up of the world in the beginning. Because of this kind of united setup, there was complete peace, love and happiness in that land which we call Jannat or heaven or God’s Garden where deities or devi devtas lived. Some of us, who are very advanced in our lifestyles and are more in tune with our fast paced technology driven lives, doubt the existence of such a world because it is not something we study in our educational curriculum or syllabus. Also, many of us at the Brahma Kumaris, especially those of us who have been brought up in advanced educational and family settings, found it difficult to believe at first in the existence of the world of deities or devi devtas. But after realizing God through the beautiful meditation taught at the Brahma Kumaris and developing a lovely and close relationship with God, our beliefs underwent a drastic change and what seemed something out of context earlier to us, suddenly became something we could relate to. Slowly we even went a step ahead by easily believing that this is our story and then becoming 100% sure that it is a hard core reality. Meditation also brought in front of us different sides of God’s personality and as God is called the truth, after realizing this personality of truth and believing that his knowledge about the world history is completely truthful, these facts became a part and parcel of our daily lives. On the other hand other people from similar backgrounds as us who had not experienced this personality found it difficult to believe this knowledge of who we were.

Some people ask us – why did our thought process about the world and its origins as well as its complete history undergo such a drastic change and why did we take up viewpoints which were not part of our belief system earlier? We remain silent, but our eyes tell them that believe it or not the story of the world starts with those who purify themselves now through God’s power and then go on to become deities or devi devtas. The world of deities has existed in the past and is being established again by the Supreme Father or God. This is the birthright of each and every soul in the world and is the property of God, the Supreme Father for all his children.


Introspection enables one to be free from the influence of negativity.

Thought to ponder: Introspection means the desire to be good. Introspection brings the ability to look within and see the true self in the mirror of the heart, thus enabling one to activate the inner spirituality. Then all effort made will be towards activating this inherent goodness. And slowly one finds that the behaviour associated with negative traits are no more expressed, as they begin to lose their hold.

Point to practice: When I am able to introspect and look within, I can find the goodness that is there within me. Because of this, I naturally am free from expectations from others that they should recognise my goodness or consider me good. Instead I find myself content with what I am and continue to bring out the best from within me. I also continue to learn from all situations and experience progress.

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