In The Company Of The Purest One

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In The Company Of The Purest One – Part 1

A beautiful experience with God is one of playing different relationships with God at the same time and experiencing the joy of the same. There is no doubt that no human being can take the place of God in this world drama and there is no one as high as Him. All human souls are full of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom for some time, but not permanently. As the souls come down the ladder of different births, they come in different relationships with each other and as the souls play their roles through physical bodies, they become attached with their physical bodies. Because of that, they lose these qualities and that affects their relationships. Do you know that no human soul has gone back to the soul world from the middle of their birth-rebirth cycle as every soul has to take birth after birth? This happens until God comes down Himself and purifies the souls so that they can fly back to the soul world, from where they have come as pure souls.

So, each and every human soul needs the help of God to go back to the world where God also stays – the soul world. Do remember that God does not come in the cycle of birth and rebirth and is always a resident of the soul world until the world cycle reaches its end point i.e. the end of Kaliyuga or the Iron Age, which is the present moment. All human souls will be liberated by the Supreme Soul or God now and will be taken back by Him to the soul world. So, this is the time when the Supreme Parent of Humanity is with us and we are all His 7 billion children, who need His power to become as pure as Him, which we were before coming into this physical world. So, God is One and we are all soul-brothers who will be purified by this One God, who is the everlasting and eternal Ocean of Purity.

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When words are sweet, there is a positive impact.

Thought to Ponder: Sweet words are like flowers, when given to others brings happiness and spread love. On the other hand, harsh words are like stones that hurt. Harsh words emerge when there is some weakness working within me. Harsh words means that in some way I am feeling helpless and am resorting to something which is not so constructive.

Point to Practice: Today I will not say anything that is not sweet. If a situation does arise where I have to say something not so good and nice, I will move away from there. Till I am sure that I will not speak such words, I will not come back to that situation. In fact, I will try and resolve that point in my mind so that I don’t speak anything negative.

In The Company Of The Purest One – Part 2

Whenever anyone in the world remembers God, they look upwards, which means that there is a Higher energy which looks upon us and is taking care of us all the time. Also God has taken care of us in many of our births, when we experienced pain of any particular kind. We forgot our spiritual identity and who we are and also who God is but God never forgot us and all the time was filling us with His love and sustenance so that we could be happy. Of course, the extent of His love for us varies and is most when He actually comes down in the world at the end of the world cycle as stated in yesterday’s message. But even when He is in the soul world up above, He helps us in different ways. God is a parent, a Supreme one, who has His own ways of loving us and getting us out of trouble, which we sometimes, in our birth-rebirth cycle, have not understood completely.

There is no human being who can take the place of God in this world drama. Although there will be human souls who are higher and purer than the rest and have performed higher actions and that is why some human souls are respected more than the rest and also worshipped in temples and other places of worship and also remembered a lot by thousands of people. Deities or devi devtas are human souls with divine qualities and also founders of different religions are extremely pure souls who have been loved for what roles they played and are remembered even many years after they have left their roles and physical bodies. Even famous gurus have left an important mark on the world with their lives of purity which they have led and the direction that they gave to many people and showed how to lead pure and peaceful lives. But today all these pure souls, at the end of the world cycle, need God’s help and power to become pure again.

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To be detached is to experience freedom.

Thought to Ponder: Attachment is like a bondage. When I am attached to someone, I will not be able to fly nor will I let the other person progress. On the other hand, love empowers. I will be able to see what is lacking and provide accordingly. I will be able to enjoy the sweet relationship without feeling the bondage.

Point to Practice: Today I will check and see with which relationship I am experiencing sorrow. I will then see how I can change it into something more positive. I will work on the relationship in such a way that both will be able to experience freedom. There would be, then, be no expectations, but only the ability to give.

In The Company Of The Purest One – Part 3

Every year, different religions of the world celebrate the birthdays and other special days of the founders of their religions. In India, festivals like Krishna Janmashtami, Ram Navami and many others are celebrated to give respect to deities or devi devtas who have lived here in the past. Everyone we love and respect are human beings with physical bodies and God is the only one without a physical body. He only plays one role on the earth and the most important one in the whole world drama, that too at the end of the world cycle. This is when it’s time for us to go back to our home or the soul world from where we have come at the beginning of the world cycle.

There are lots of different views about the duration of the world cycle but it is God who knows when souls come from the soul world down in the physical world and how much time it takes them for becoming pure to impure and when they return home. And this knowledge is revealed by God when He comes down from the soul world to purify everyone and take them back to the soul world with Him. To learn about this we, at the Brahma Kumaris, ask you to come and experience God through the meditation taught at the Brahma Kumaris and then that experience will take your relationship with God to a completely different level and bring you closer to God. For that, we would want you to take out some time, for our free introductory course, which is held at all our centers in India as well as 115 countries abroad. After that, you will be in a position to understand the complete knowledge what the Brahma Kumaris teaches. And you will also be able to practice meditation and be sure that whom you are connecting with in meditation is the truth and as a result believe and understand the knowledge which He is giving.

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To change thoughts is the ability to change words too.

Thought to Ponder: Whenever we find ourselves speaking rude or discouraging words, we realize and wish to change. We really don’t like speaking that way. Yet we find that it is very difficult to do so. To try at the level of words may not bring change, but when I change my thoughts towards the other person, the seed of my thoughts will bring change in my words too.

Point to Practice: Today I will have good wishes for everyone I meet. Especially for those who are not so good to me. This will help me positive and powerful in my words too. What I speak will then bring benefit to those I interact with.

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