Instruments or Tools To Perceive God

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Instruments or Tools To Perceive God 

Perhaps I have been avoiding coming close to God because of the extraordinary confusion surrounding the subject. Maybe I have just lacked the tools with which to be able to discover God. The whole universe of things going on within a tiny drop of blood can be instantly revealed by the use of a tool or an instrument like the microscope. In the same way, the secrets behind realities of the self, the non-physical, spiritual self and the reality of God remain hidden until undiscovered by the appropriate instruments or tools. With which tools or instruments then, can I perceive or experience God? Since God is non-physical, the tools would also definitely be non-physical in nature.

That I haven’t been able to understand myself is amply demonstrated by the periods of confusion and inner turmoil I go through. Sometimes I don’t understand those with whom I share the same room or house, let alone my neighbors next door! The word misunderstanding occurs frequently even in the closest of my relationships. It indicates that the quality of my mind, consciousness or even conscience hasn’t been sufficiently clear to establish real rapport between myself and others. The realization and experience of God remain even further out of reach.

There’s a very specific methodology involved in firstly understanding and organizing myself, and from that, coming to terms with God. I already have the most powerful of all instruments, the energy of my own mind, to work with. The extent to which I am able to research into the subject of God-realization depends on the quality of my thoughts and feelings.

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Positive thoughts heal even the disease of the body.

Thought to Ponder: When I am ill, it is very easy for the mind to become ill too. I tend to have negative thoughts and suffer. These negative thoughts don’t restrict themselves to that particular part of the body, but is carried forward to the entire body and the mind too. The mind which has to be the healer, becomes a victim and hence weak. At such times, it is important that my mind is strong creating a positive influence on the body.

Point to Practice: Today I will not think about my illness. When the thought does come, I will make sure I give vibrations of power and peace to that part, so that I will help it to heal. I will do everything for it to heal rather than damaging it further by having negative thoughts about it.

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