A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone

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A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone – Part 1

We all live our lives from morning to night, performing actions and speaking words with others along with creating thoughts. The more all our thoughts, words and actions are full of the colour of different qualities, the more our life is an inspiration to all those whom we interact with and share many experiences of goodness with. Once a young boy was visiting a market and as he met a shopkeeper to buy a few items for his home, he found some money fallen on the floor, which did not belong to him. As he picked up the money and inquired with the shopkeeper about it, he was incorrectly told that it is the shopkeeper’s money, which he needed to return. As he returned the money, the real owner of the money turned up in the shop to collect it back. The innocent boy was surprised and questioned the shopkeeper about it, but he got only false answers back. He realised, as his parents had told him that the world is not a place completely full of virtues, but people can be false and pretend to be good at times.

Just like the little boy, sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by lots of false people possessing imperfect characteristics and sometimes some of us also get disheartened that does goodness exist in this world or not? Even God sees the world from above and sees the growing imperfections in this world. As a parent of the whole of humanity, He has this pure and sweet wish to change the world and not worry about the negative imperfection that exists. Also, God possesses the knowledge, love and power to transform the bitterness, the untruthfulness, the ego and the jealousy and hatred that exists in the world into goodness, sweetness, good wishes and love. Let’s discover His point of view in this message.

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Victory is guaranteed to the ones who are constantly loving.

Expression: The ones who are loving are able to involve others in everything they do with their love. So whatever the task may be, they find it to be very easy and are able to accomplish the biggest task with ease. Also, each task done by them is with love and so everything is done with lightness and so victory is guaranteed.

Experience: When I am loving and do everything with love, I constantly experience lightness, based on the blessings from others. I am carefree as there is no heaviness of the task to be performed. Love transforms labour into entertainment. My internal lightness enables me to do the biggest task with great ease, involving everyone with love.

A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone – Part 2

God loves the world more than we do. He loves each person on this world more than we can ever do. This is because he is the Ocean of Love and Mercy. When we see imperfections in the world, sometimes we feel sorrow, sometimes hatred and sometimes even anger. Although God knows the negativity in the minds of his billions of children in the world, He also knows the hidden goodness and niceness in people, which we cannot see. This goodness is not only what everyone possesses now but also what they have possessed in their previous lives or births. So, God does not get angry and does not hate anyone and nor does He experience any pain, when He sees anger, ego, jealousy, revenge and hatred in the world.

So, let us think about our perception of the world and let us look upto God and take a positive inspiration from His perception. Let us tell ourselves that we will be good and see the good in the world and its people, which is our eternal family. We will not worry that the world is deteriorating in goodness and we no longer have the support from the world to remain good at all times. There are some people in this world who leave goodness because they feel they cannot survive if they are good and they will be left behind in every sphere of life. And then there are some who remain good, no matter what happens around them. Such people are loved and respected immensely not only by the world, but also by God. Sometimes this love can take time to come from the world, but remember if you enjoy God’s love and you find a place in his book of good people, people will love you sooner or later. So be good and do good always, be a goodness filled personality, well liked and loved by the world and respected by God.

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To sow the seeds of pure feelings constantly is to experience positive fruit.

Expression:When one’s feelings are constantly positive and pure, there is no expectation of the fruit to emerge immediately. Even if others are not able to respond to the positivity or if situations are not according to my expectations, there is still the feeling of giving. So there is this positivity expressed through the vibrations spread around and in every word and action.

Experience: The more I am able to have pure feelings for those around me, the more is the positivity that emerges from within. Because of having discovered the positivity within, I am able to give unconditionally. So I experience the immediate fruit of what I have given and also accumulate for the future, and continue to enjoy multifold fruit of what I give.

A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone – Part 3

Everyday, when you begin performing actions, watch everyone with goodness in your eyes and heart. Tell yourself and visualize how God is looking at each one in the world. Always bring in front of your eyes, God’s love and good wishes for that particular person, who is in front of you, that particular person who is sometimes not very well-behaved and possesses a negative nature. You find it difficult to interact comfortably and peacefully with him or her. Now keeping this positive wisdom in your mind, create a positive attitude for the person. Now based on that attitude, keep a positive vision for the other person. The more your vision remains positive, the more your words and actions will become beautiful and positive towards the other person. And the more the words and actions are pure and nice, the more the person will change as you want, into a nice person. This is the secret for changing a person from not so nice into nice. Our consciousness influences our attitude; our attitude influences our vision; our vision influences our words and actions. All of them together radiate the positive energy of goodness to the other person. This positive energy transforms the other person’s nature positively. This process is called world transformation through self-transformation or the other’s transformation through my transformation.

So, we live in a world, where sometimes we will see the negative in people, whether at home or in our workplace or in that marketplace. Also, sometimes we will perceive people to be bad, although they are not. But take care that you don’t ever leave your goodness. God sees so much negativity in the entire world but He never leaves His vision of goodness for everyone. He uses the knowledge of human beings that He possesses, the knowledge that everyone was pure and positive when they came into this world and lost their goodness over many lives; to keep His vision positive and also keeps good wishes of change for everyone. So be good, see good and make others good with that vision of goodness. Don’t leave your goodness in the ocean of imperfections that surrounds you in the entire world.

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The ones who work towards perfection naturally inspire perfection in others.

Expression:All life’s situations are lessons for bringing about progress, for the one who is committed towards perfection. Such a person never expects others to be perfect, knowing that every human being has his own weaknesses. He is instead able to accommodate others’ weaknesses. He only inspires others to bring about transformation and work towards perfection.

Experience: When I am constantly working towards bringing perfection within myself, I am able to take everything that happens to me in a positive way, as a chance for bringing about self-progress. Also I am able to keep myself positive seeing only the goodness in the other individual and encouraging it. So I am able to enjoy each moment of my life.

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