Love Will Heal The World

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ϒ Love Will Heal The World – Part-1 ϒ

Have you ever believed love, the most powerful emotion in the world, can transform the whole universe in a second? That’s the potential it holds in itself but the right type of love and a united love channelized correctly. Not the love that we see on television and in movies. The strength of the media is such that it defines love in an improper way and it influences negatively, millions of people all over the world in just no time. People follow the definition of love that their eyes and ears are exposed to and instead of erasing the negatives that the world is full of, it is taking the world into a phase where an uncontrollable collapse of the value system is taking place with no world monitor except God present to stop the same. People talk about a future apocalypse or a physical mass world destruction, as predicted by some famous world astrologers, prophets, preachers and theologians (those who make a rational study and analysis of religious truths, spirituality and God).

While none of the predictions of the world coming to an end have come true up till now; as per the principles of the world drama and its various scenes and phases that God has shared at the present moment, who is above the predictions made by humans and does possess the knowledge of the immediate future of the world, the world will undergo a transformation and not a complete reduction to a zero existence. The world wide mass birth of unsolvable problems in the ecological, social, political, religious and financial spheres will pave the way for the future world of peace, love and happiness established by the power of love for God and His remembrance based on that, compete purity of the mind and spiritual knowledge. The world will not come to an end. This complete transformation is expected to happen in the near future and is already happening slowly and is something people from many sectors of society are sure about. It is not an immediate event, but we are seeing signs of the same. But before that happens, we are already staring at a spiritual apocalypse or destruction of the value system of the world in the near future; in fact it has already begun.

Θ Message Θ

To speak about others’ negativity is to increase the burden of negativity.

Expression: Every negative experience leaves a negative mark on my mind. When I talk about that to someone, they too would be influenced. In the same way, when someone talks about others, it creates negativity in our minds too. Although we did not have that negative experience, we tend to carry the unnecessary burden of negativity.

Experience: Today I will neither gossip nor listen to anyone gossip. I will pay attention to myself that if I have to talk about anyone, it will only be about any positive aspect of them, if not I will not say anything. For today, I will pay attention to this.

ϒ Love Will Heal The World – Part-2 ϒ

Love, as an emotion, was given a physical manifestation or form by most people, which included the ones who had lived by the essence of true love in their earlier births i.e. at the time when love was one based on soul consciousness and it was free from lust and attachment, at the beginning of the world drama, which repeats itself. Later, the same souls lost their inner conscience i.e. their beliefs started undergoing change because of the soul becoming discharged due to constantly coming in the process of life and death and not because of any negative or impure actions performed by them. It is a wonder of the world drama that souls after a period of few thousand years of a pure world existence gradually started getting attracted to the physical costume (body) of the opposite gender as impure desires took birth inside the soul. This happened in husband-wife relationships in which love took the form of the impure emotion of lust and in other relationships like parent-child relationships or between siblings (brothers and sisters) or other such close relationships, these desires, as we all know, took the form of the negative emotion of attachment.

So, unknown to the eye of wisdom which was closed at that time, we were swept by the wave of bodily desires and also unknowingly, we became sorrowful. God, who is a source of pure love, the seed of love of the universe, as per the rules of the world drama and as per His role in the world drama, was a silent observer to this happening, for a long time. The quality of love that is found in Him was a part of His creation i.e. us humans at the beginning and suddenly the same creation was abusing that quality which was given to them by God. This is the story of the world creator and creation and how the love virtue works inside them. God, because He does not come in the process of birth and rebirth, does not lose His spiritual energy and that is why He is the only being in whom the positive colour of love does not get transformed into the negative shade of lust and attachment.

Θ Message Θ

To have the aim for self-transformation is to be easy and light.

Expression: It is up to me whether I want to ask questions and get stuck in them or pick out a point of learning and move on. When I have an aim of bringing self-transformation, I will be able to use all circumstances for my own progress, without blaming or giving excuses.

Experience: Today I will pick up one point from all that happens to me, that can be a point of learning. I will bring about a change in that aspect, without thinking about why it happened or who is to blame. I will be free from questions and simply implement what I learnt for self-progress.

ϒ Love Will Heal The World – Part-3 ϒ

The fall in the value system of the world is largely due to love no longer present in the minds of the people of the world in its pure form. There are very few people in the world who are living by God’s definition of love and that is why we see sorrow increasing in the world because both lust and attachment, which are impure forms of love and being lived by almost everyone, bringing with them negative emotions like lack of freedom, expectations, feelings of superiority and inferiority, domination, possessiveness, lack of control over emotions, feelings of jealousy, even depression due to separation or loss of someone with whom either of these two emotions existed. You might question that do we stop loving our friends and family and detach ourselves from them? Do you know that the world in its originality was a world where the love that existed, its magnitude and depth and also its cleanliness remains un-comparable to the love of today’s world? Also, the original inhabitants of the world who are none other than we, but in different physical costumes (bodies), loved their children, their husbands and wives, their parents extremely but what did not exist in that love was physical attraction to the opposite gender and sorrow based attachment. The love of today’s world has brought with it so much insecurity and pain. Relationships today are like two sides of the same coin. As long as everything is okay in the relationship its heads for happiness and relationships like any other coin don’t always fall on heads. The same relationship does fall on tails repeatedly i.e. it brings with it sorrow and dis-heartedness.

Love without lust and attachment is the original love of the world, so we cannot say that it is an impossible love. It is the love that souls, who have recognized God’s i.e. the Supreme Ocean of Love’s present presence in the world, are filling themselves with, from Him. God is actually pouring that pure love, which He is full of, presently into humanity which is healing humanity on an incognito level and giving rise to a new tree of humanity full of the different flowers of closeness, belongingness, concern, respect and good wishes amongst everyone and without the thorns of physical lustful attraction and attachment which hurts negatively.

Θ Message Θ

To understand the significance of the role that I have to play is to make it special.

Expression: When I compare myself with others, I either feel superior or inferior to them. There is also a chance that I feel jealous. This negativity doesn’t help me do the best in what I have to do. In fact, it is true that each and every actor has a special part to play and so do I. When I remember the special role that I have to play in my life and understand its significance, I will be able to give my best to it.

Experience: Today I will remember that I am the hero actor in this drama of life. Each and everything that happens to me has a meaning and is making me better in this role. I have to excel in this role that I am playing at present. I will then be able to be free from wasteful comparisons.

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