A Beautiful Vision Of Love

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A Beautiful Vision Of Love – Part 1

Loving people for their specialties is something we enjoy doing the whole day. There are many different people whom we meet and love and everyone has atleast one specialty which is different from the rest. This could be a quality or a particular skill of the personality like e.g. a way of talking, a way of presenting oneself when coming into contact with others or even a way of dressing up all of which are unique to the person. Also, some people possess skills like knowing a particular art or even being intelligent or good at a particular sport. Some people are just very good human beings and being with them gives you a feeling of positivity and if you meet them just for once in the morning, you will feel they have made your day. Some people just have a good way of carrying themselves in public and their whole personality has an aura which attracts people around them. Have you seen people who are good at say singing or painting or playing a musical instrument or some are gifted with a good voice or some have become big names in the corporate sector with their managerial skills and forming companies at a very young age, which are providing services to millions of people and giving people happiness in different ways. Everyone likes these people for what they have been gifted and there is no doubt that they have performed some good actions in their past lives or births, because of which they have got these specialties in this birth.

Do you know that even God is incognito filling many of us with specialties which are helping us succeed in our personal as well as professional lives as well as any other field of life in which we are involved and are aiming for success. So, realizing that we are all special in some way or the other, looking at everyone with the spectacles of specialties is a way of tying the knot of spiritual brotherhood with everyone and increasing a love based on purity in each relationship.

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Repetition of positive thoughts lead to powerful thoughts.

Thought to Ponder: When ordinary and waste thoughts are repeated, they can become harmful and negative thoughts. On the other hand, when positive thoughts are repeated, they become powerful thoughts. When I take a simple positive thought and practice with it, I find myself becoming more and more powerful.

Point to Practice: Today I will take a simple positive thought and practice with it. This simple thought could be “I am happy today” or “I appreciate the people in my life”. This will help me reinforce this thought and make it powerful. Such powerful thoughts are available with me, specially at a time when things are not so right.

A Beautiful Vision Of Love – Part 2

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, make it a point to see atleast one characteristic in the person which you think is unique and different from others. Then begin to see that person regularly through the vision of this specialty which we commonly call perception. This type of vision will travel to the other person through your pure energy of goodwill and the other person will respond to this type of attitude with a positive vision themselves. Never say this person has no specialty or this person is ordinary because everyone is gifted with some specialty which sometimes we do not notice or do not realize because we tend to look at the weaknesses instead. This is our natural habit whereby we very easily slip into the habit of first seeing the weakness and then seeing the specialty in any particular person.

Have you ever wondered how does God look at each one of us? Does He see our weaknesses first and then our strengths? No, He will always look for the good in each one of us and will give us a lot of love because we are special and also see us with a vision of love. God is an Ocean of Mercy because of which He forgives us if we have made any mistake and instead will remember what is special inside us and praise us. Why is God able to forget the mistake or the weakness and not us? Why is He able to move His vision from the negative to the positive so easily and not us? We tend to move our vision from the positive to the negative as soon as someone says or does something negative to us. Before we decide what is right and what is wrong, we are judgmental and label the person based on the negative we have come across in them. This is because of a vision based on physical love for others which sees weaknesses as well as strengths, whereas God has a vision of spiritual love which sees the positive and is able to avoid or not see the negative.

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To order whilst being seated on the seat is to ensure obedience.

Thought to Ponder: Before I expect obedience from others, I need to check if my own mind and sense organs are obedient. For this, I need to be seated on the seat of my own self-respect (of the qualities I have). Thus seated, like a king, when I order, I find that orders are obeyed.

Point to Practice: Today I will practice a point of self-respect. I will recognise and appreciate one quality in myself. I will remind myself of this quality, from time to time, through out the day. If I find my mind wandering or my sense organs disobedient, I will give orders with the same consciousness of self-respect. Then, I will find positive results.

A Beautiful Vision Of Love – Part 3

A beautiful vision of love is for me to practice the whole day with everyone I meet. Loving each one with a pure attitude and consciousness is a way of experiencing this vision. When you look at each one inculcate the habit of seeing the spiritual being, the soul, at the centre of the forehead and not the physical form, which will remind you of the many weaknesses that the other person has. Remember looking at the body reminds you of many negative karmas or actions and other negative events related to the other person. So be aware of the other person’s physical personality and looks and the way they dress up when you come into contact with the other person but remember that the other person is a being of spiritual light or a soul first and a physical form later. Look at the beauty of the soul first and then come into contact with the other person as a human costume or body. This does not mean you are not aware of the other person’s nature, their specialties and their skills of any type and how they look and what role they play with the physical body and also what their educational qualification is. Be aware of all the physical characteristics and appreciate them a lot also. But don’t forget all that they are on a physical level is because they are a spiritual being or soul which has performed good or bad actions in their previous lives because of which they have got everything on a physical level, whether positive or negative.

A pure vision of love means not getting attracted to the physical form of the other person, which is God’s vision. The ones who are completely in love with God find it very easy to have such a vision, where there is no lust in their eyes when they come in contact with the opposite gender. Such a vision is the original vision of devi devtas or deities who are none other than our original births as we came into this world from the soul world, the same devi devtas or deities who are liked so much in the world and given a status as high as God.

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To be disciplined is to get the cooperation of all.

Thought to Ponder: When I am disciplined and use my time and energy well towards an aim, I find that people cooperate too. If I am not consistently disciplined, people too move me away from my aim. If I want cooperation from others for anything, I need to first focus on setting myself on track in the right way.

Point to Practice: Today I will check and see if I am using all my resources in the right way. I will first set my routine right. I will ensure that I am doing all that I have to do, in a disciplined way. This will help me get the cooperation of others too, as they would have respect for me and my routine.

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