Radiating Love To The Universe

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Radiating Love To The Universe

I sit in a comfortable position… I relax my body…I breathe deeply and let go of tensions…
I centre myself in the present moment… I concentrate my mind… I enter into the space of inner silence… The thoughts diminish and my mind relaxes fully… Now experience the following thoughts:

I am a non-physical being of light, full of love, centered on the forehead… I am a river flowing with love… my source is the Supreme Ocean Of Love, God; whose child I am… I experience myself sitting under his canopy of the light of love…

I love each part of my physical body which is my vehicle. I relax it… I love each thought that I create, it is my creation… I generate gentle thoughts, tender, relaxing… I feel the energy of love that radiates from within me towards the universe… I, the soul give off love towards what surrounds me…

I give off love towards other souls… I look at everyone with the consciousness that each one, whatever their temporary nature may be, their innate nature is love… I give my spiritual assistance, my good wishes to them, so that they return back to their original, basic nature, which is love… I give off love towards each molecule of the five elements of nature – earth, wind, water, fire and sky and the planet as a whole. I am love… I channel this love towards everything I think, feel, do and transmit…

By performing the above meditation and sharing my unlimited treasure of love, I assist the Supreme Father, through my thoughts, in his task of creating a world full of love, where all souls and the nature co-exist in a loveful and peaceful manner…



To serve with the heart, with love is to guarantee success.

Projection: When I have to be of help to others, I sometimes find myself doing it with force. I don’t seem to be really interested in doing it but situations or people seem to be forcing me to do it. I then don’t enjoy what I do and also don’t find the benefit of it either to others or to myself.

Solution: I need to consciously make an effort to see what people are benefitting when I am helping them. With this conscious effort I am able to help others with love without feeling the heaviness of what I have to do. Thus I find my actions to be much more fruitful.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris



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