Controlling Your Emotions

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Controlling Your Emotions –

There are five essential steps to emotional control and mastery. Although the complete process will finally happen in a few seconds in real life, it is essential for our learning to break it down and see what is required at every step. 

Step One Awareness 
This simply means being aware of the emergence of the subtlest (finest) of emotions, which, if left unchecked, will grow into important disturbances. For example irritation leads to frustration leads to anger leads to rage.

Step TwoAcknowledge 
Which means taking responsibility for the emotion by understanding and acknowledging that I am the creator of the emotion, not someone or something else.

Step threeAcceptance 
Fully accept the presence of the emotion without resisting (opposing) it in any way. If it is resisted it simply becomes stronger, or is suppressed for another day.

Step FourAscend 
This is the moment of full detachment from both the emotion and the inner source of emotion. In the process of detached observation the emotion is losing its power. And it is only through detached observation that the emotion will begin to dissolve.

Step FiveAttune 
This means returning our attention to the very centre of ourselves where our inner peace and power are to be found. This is the purpose of meditation.


To be in the awareness of my own speciality is to be free from negativity. 

Projection: When I percieve negativity in others, I find myself very easily influenced by it. I then react negatively to them and am not able to maintain my own positivity. All my specialities remain hidden in such a negative atmosphere and I continue to be negative too.

Solution: Like a rose I need to maintain my originality and uniqueness while being amongst the thorns. Instead of blaming others and their negativity for my own negativity, I need to practice being positive and working with my original qualities. Then I will never complain but will always use my own specialities.

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Looking for an intense workout without feeling like you are actually working out? Zumba, which is a crazy fun combination of Latin dance, hip hop moves, fast-paced music and even Bollywood jhatkas, is perfect in this case. You dance your way into squats, lunges and abs and won’t even realise that each of those muscles are being worked out until after class. This high energy workout gives you the obvious benefits of getting in shape, losing weight, building stamina, increasing endurance and core strengthening but there are so many other wonderful benefits too. Read on to know why Zumba is so much more than just another workout.


Improved co-ordination
Ladies, if you can move your arms and legs in unison with the music, change the movement every couple of seconds and have fun while not hitting someone –well, how can you not end up improving your co-ordination?

Combatting stage fear
Zumba is sexy, requires a lot of moves that you may not initially be comfortable with and really involves you getting rid of any inhibitions. This group exercise will certainly bring you out of your shell and make you a people person in no time.

Better immunity
Zumba involves rapid movements and is an amazing workout. Since it builds stamina in the process, with regular classes you will see that you are feeling healthier on the inside and falling sick less often.

New friend alert
Zumba classes are a great way to meet people and who knows, maybe you’ll end up meeting yourspecial someone in a Zumba class?

Improved dance skills
The only way to Zumba effectively is to do it to the beat – and keep the beat every time. So when you are out there doing fitness moves to great music, you are also improving your dance skills.

Personality development
With that great body that you get by being regular at Zumba, comes an enormous amount of confidence. You know confidence is very, very sexy, don’t you?

Stress therapy
You know how they say you need to find a hobby to direct all your stress at? Find a happy place where you can work through that tension? Nothing better than a Zumba class for it. We promise you will feel much calmer post a class.

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“हमारी सफलता इस बात पर निर्भर करती है कि हम अपने जीवन का कुछ सेकंड, प्रतिघंटा और प्रतिदिन कैसे बिताते हैं”

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