Entering The Gates To Heaven

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Entering The Gates To Heaven – Part 1

According to the knowledge shared by God at the present moment, when the world cycle began with the Golden Age on Earth which we call heaven, deities or devi devtas who lived in heaven, were completely full of all the divine qualities. Devi devtas whom people all over India and even outside India worship, never looked upwards and prayed to God, the Supreme Being, calling out to Him. This is because they were completely pure human beings and also there was no sorrow whatsoever in their lives. As reminded by God to us at the present moment, these devi devtas were none other than we i.e. the same souls, but purer than we are today and in different pure human bodies. We were completely happy at that time. Also, as per the true story of the world drama, this land of happiness which we call Swarg, was given to us in the time that had passed just before heaven began. Heaven is a land of joy on Earth and not a land beyond the clouds up above.

As per the secrets of the world drama, we souls get purified by God each time we become impure and lose our power. After this purification process, we go back to the world from where we have come i.e. the soul world or Shantidham, which is a world up above, and then come back in the world to begin our journey of life and death again and that beginning is called heaven and it exists down on Earth and not somewhere above. We live as devi devtas in this pure world and we are the happiest human beings that ever exist and also the richest, luckiest, healthiest and most beautiful and content humans and we don’t need to remember God. It is only when we take many births and lose our purity and become sorrowful and are no longer in the form of devi devtas that we start calling out to God.

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Powerful service is when there is service without pity.

Thought to Ponder: When we serve through our words and actions, we also need to serve through our mind. Only then will it be powerful service. If I get affected by the negativity of someone or something that is happening, I cannot be powerful. There will be pity, but I will not be able to empower the other person.

Point to Practice: Today I will empower someone with my words and also with my good wishes. I will help someone with a feeling of positivity. For this, today I will maintain a positive state of mind through out the day, so that I can give rather than be influenced.

Entering The Gates To Heaven – Part 2

Such a time is remembered in all religions in different ways. In Christianity there is a reference to the Garden of Eden. Also, Christians commonly use the words – Heavenly God Father which literally means the Father who has established heaven who is none other than God or the Supreme Soul. In Islam, the word Bahist is commonly used and also the Garden of Allah is a common term that we speak of in English which means that Allah had created a place where everyone was happy and there was plenty to enjoy. In India, we commonly say that a soul has departed to heaven i.e. it has gone into a joyful life when someone dies which means the soul has left its old physical body. Why do we want someone to go to heaven after he or she has gone away and why do we remember it so much? This is because it has existed at some time in the past and as we have taken many births and have changed physical bodies or costumes we still have a faint memory of the world in which we have lived in the past and experienced complete happiness.

Even in countries outside India, heaven and hell are commonly referred to in general discussions. Heaven and hell are not regions somewhere up above and down below respectively. Heaven was the day of humanity which we lived in when we started our journey on the Earth and hell is the night of humanity which we live in now, where there is complete sorrow and peacelessness. The time in between hell and heaven is the time when we souls get purified by God and return back to the soul world up above.

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The more I sow seeds of effort, the more I reap the fruits of result.

Thought to Ponder: When I go on putting in effort in the right direction, I will keep gaining qualities. I will be able to keep drawing the best from everything around and also keep receiving cooperation from people. If, in between anything or anyone hinders this, effort needed to be put in at that time will be not so much because I am continuing to put in my efforts anyway.

Point to Practice: Today I will put in efforts towards my aim, without worrying about the results. I will at least do 3 things that can take me towards my aim. This will ensure that I have a practice of continuous inputs. For, I know the result will come anyway, at its own time.

Entering The Gates To Heaven – Part 3

A few steps back into the history of mankind and you will see how many wars were fought and blood was shed and there were many of us who suffered many illnesses and died suffering diseases and a lack of proper medical treatment. In some births, close relationships were lost in war and famous kings of the world lost their entire kingdoms in war and were reduced to a poor existence. Also, as we came down history lane, we saw how India suffered due to the oppression from foreigners and we were in pain as we were ruled by outsiders and were freed but at the cost of pain and hatred created amongst each other. We came from two ages of heaven – the Golden Age and Silver Age also called Satyuga and Tretayuga respectively and entered Dwaparyuga or the Copper Age, where sorrow and cries of worship of God began. The last age as we all know was Kaliyuga or the Iron Age. The Copper Age and the Iron Age together make hell. Today we are at the end of the Iron Age or Kaliyuga and a very short and fifth age – the Confluence Age or Sangamyuga has begun in which God has begun His task of world change in which He is purifying those who Have recognized His divine presence in the world and know that He has chosen us, ordinary human beings, to help Him change His world from hell, back to heaven and take us back to heaven.

This going back from hell to heaven and this re-construction of heaven is what God is doing and this is His most important task or role in this world drama. Because heaven is followed by hell and then heaven comes again because of God’s effort, this is called the world cycle, which keeps repeating. According to the true knowledge shared by God at the present time, when He is amongst us, each world cycle from the beginning of heaven to the end of hell lasts for 5000 years and each of the four ages Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kaliyuga lasts for 1250 years each. So, heaven is half the world cycle and hell is the second half. Also, the fifth age which is the Confluence Age orSangamyuga lasts for about 100 years, which has already began, and in which the task of world transformation will be completed by God, with our help.

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To have self-respect is to move ahead with confidence.

Thought to Ponder: Normally, we are very caught up with the opinion of others. This leads to fear of making mistakes. Also, it makes us weak, when we don’t get appreciation. But, I need to ask myself if I am leading my life in a way that I am proud of myself. Then, I am able to appreciate myself first and others are also able to appreciate me.

Point to Practice: Today I will appreciate the qualities in me, pat myself on my back for what I am and move on. Only when I appreciate myself, others will also be able to appreciate me. So today I will appreciate myself, even by learning from mistakes. I will do things, not just to please others, but to please myself first.

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