The Invisible Law Of The Universe

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♥ The Invisible Law Of The Universe – Part 1 

We are living in a world full of uncertainities i.e. a world where anything can go wrong in a second. Have you ever wondered what the reason for this is? Tomorrow you step out of your house and you could meet with an accident. You appear for a job interview and inspite of all your hard work, you don’t do as well as expected. Also, sometimes within a few seconds, a close relationship with a friend or a close associate turns negative because of a misunderstanding and you are no longer on good terms with the person. Or in some cases a person, because of his or her own thinking, suddenly goes through an episode of depression and he or she is unable to concentrate his mind on managing his or her family as before. So life events are as unpredictable as the weather.

We have all got used to watching news on television and reading the newspaper and everyday we listen to all these unexpected events happening in the lives of people around us and all over the world. Does anyone ever wonder why the world is tiring in this way or why the world is no longer that permanently peace and happiness filled? As we spiritual beings spend more and more time on earth, the quality of our actions is coming down and the energy of these actions which radiates into our immediate surroundings is of a similar nature. This energy keeps coming back at us repeatedly. Do you know that each time we think a negative thought, speak a negative word or perform a negative action; the thought, word and action may be forgotten, but all of them leave a negative sanskara or subtle impression on the soul? This attracts negative situations from the people around us and from the nature’s elements in the form of negative situations of different types of the physical body, role and relationships, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few days, months or years and sometimes even after many births.


Faith in others enables them to be powerful.

Thought to ponder: Faith in others is usually mistaken for blind faith – observing helplessly, only hoping for the best in our heart. We, then, don’t consciously do anything but just hope for the best. In such a situation we subtly experience fear or tension. But this is not true faith nor is the outcome usually right.

Point to practice: Faith in others means to remain alert to what is going on and then to fill the other person with the strength of our faith to such an extent that they feel able to do whatever needs to be done. Our faith will fill them with confidence and they will be able to give their best to the task.

♥ The Invisible Law Of The Universe – Part 2 

Newton’s third law of motion states that every action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction. This law is one which talks about physical forces but on a spiritual level, every karma – positive or negative will result in me receiving a result of the karma either immediately or after some time or after a few births. This result comes back at me either from a person or from my own physical body or from my surroundings like my workplace or family. Of course, there is no need to mention that the karma’s result is positive if the karma has been positive and negative if the karma has been negative. Also, unlike as in the case of physical forces, where the magnitude of the forces can be measured, on a spiritual level, the intensity of a particular karma – how positive or negative it is, cannot be measured, but we generally express in normal discussions that this was a positive karma and can differentiate it from a negativekarma. So each time I perform an action, even if I am not aware consciously, a result of the action gets stored in my future destiny. This is the invisible law of the universe – the law of karma or the law of action and reaction on a spiritual level.

Also, the result or the fruit of the karma is not something which we can point out e.g. this morning you get angry at your office colleague and two hours later you meet with an accident, does not necessarily mean that this was the fruit of the karma that you performed in the morning. Similarly, you donate some money for welfare purpose today and after two days you earn a profit in your business does not mean that the profit is a result of the donation. This is because we perform karmas continuously. Some of them are positive and some are negative and they result in positive and negative sanskaras being stored in the soul respectively. These sanskaras, as explained in yesterday’s message, attract positive and negative situations respectively from our surroundings. Also, how positive or how negative the action is, also determines the result of the action which comes back to us in any form. A more positive action will attract a more positive result and a more negative karma will attract a more negative result. This is the law of karma.


Where there is true respect there is humility.

Thought to ponder: The more respect is measured on the basis of something external, the greater the desire for recognition from others. The greater the desire, the more one falls victim to ego and there cannot be humility.

Point to practice: Start the day with a thought that brings self-respect. Tell yourself that you are special and you will use your speciality throughout the day. You will not dominate or limit the freedom of anyone.

♥ The Invisible Law Of The Universe – Part 3 

We all desire to live a beautiful lifestyle where we don’t have to face negative situations from the world which are a reflection of our pastkarmas – by past we mean karmas performed in this birth and also karmas performed over many births before this one. Of course, the births before this one have been forgotten completely. Also every thought, word and action performed in each birth which created a matching sanskara in the soul and is the main cause of attracting negative or positive situations in our present life, was forgotten completely by us as we took new births and older births were forgotten. So, nothing can be done about what happened in the past and how we spent each birth and what was the quality of our actions in each birth. But, there is a way of cleaning up all the negativesanskaras of the soul which attract negative situations in our life. Meditation is a beautiful method for doing this, in which through the power of visualization, which we all possess, we experience the beautiful energy vibrations of the purest seed of humanity or God, whom we commonly see with the eye of the mind as a point of pure spiritual light. Meditation means touching this point of pure energy using the power of visualization and sitting under this fountain of overflowing spiritual energy which He radiates, for a few minutes everyday. His light is like a laser beam which removes or destroys these negative sanskaras from the soul, which were created due to negative karmas. That is why, at the Brahma Kumaris, we commonly call this meditation as a method of destroying negative actions performed over many births and a soul from which traces of negative actions have been removed then attracts positive circumstances only and keeps negative circumstances away.

The reason why we experience happiness when we start our journey of birth and rebirth is that we are pure souls or we are full of the power of purity i.e. negative sanskaras created due to negative actions, which attract situations of sorrow, are either not there or are less inside us. As we come down in the process of birth and rebirth, we fill ourselves with these negative sanskaras, due to the quality of actions reducing and the sorrow in our life increases.


To begin the day with a powerful thought is to ensure the day is filled with positivity.

Thought to ponder: Any machinery, once it is set, remains set and automatically continues to work according to its setting. To have the right thought right in the beginning of the day is to ensure that the whole day is filled with power and positivity. Every thought, word and deed will automatically continue according to that setting. Situations might come to disturb, but because the machinery is set, the influence of the situation would be less.

Point to practice: Today I will begin my day with a one powerful thought. It could be even a simple thought like “I am happy today” or “Whatever I set out to do today, I will be successful” or “I am fortunate”. Such thoughts act as magnets attracting positivity from everyone and everything around.

♥ The Invisible Law Of The Universe – Part 4 

We all live our lives at a fast pace without ever stopping and checking the quality of our thoughts, words and actions. It was different for us when we did not possess the knowledge of what is a good action and what is not. But at this particular time period which is now, when God is giving us this knowledge, we need to review at the end of each day what we have done in the complete day and how were our thoughts, words and actions and was any thought, word or action not the right one? The measuring meter for this is the knowledge of the Law of karma, which our intellect has inside it. So, the first step is learning this knowledge and then implementing the knowledge in our lives.

Generally speaking, not only any word or action, but every thought which is created under the influence of any of the five main vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego or weaknesses connected to these impure emotions, like jealousy, hatred, revenge, criticism, fear etc. are considered negative karma. All of them create negative sanskaras in the soul when created or indulged in. For many, imagining a day without some of these may seem difficult and that will make you realize that a very large percentage of our thoughts, words and actions go the wrong way without us making a conscious effort of stopping them from going that way. Also, thinking, speaking and performing actions which are related to the past or the future are considered unnecessary and is something we spend a lot of time in doing. These are of a lesser negative nature but have a subtle connection with body consciousness, which is the cause of all negative sanskaras being created in the soul. Of course, there are also thoughts, words and actions, which are related to our daily routine and our day-to-day tasks, which are necessary in nature but they are sometimes accompanied by the unnecessary when we attach excessive attachment to the past and future with them. And lastly, what is commonly known to all of us, all thoughts, words and actions, which are based on the primary qualities of the soul – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and knowledge (truth) are the last category of positive and of the highest quality.


Situations become an expression of our state of mind.

Thought to ponder: Our reaction to situations is actually a proof of our state of mind. Even during challenging times, if we are positive towards ourselves and others, it means that we are positive. Only such positive minds can think powerfully and get creative solutions.

Point to practice: Today I will take a thought to keep my mind positive during every challenge. Before I react to something, I will first stop, check my thoughts and only then say or do what I have to. Even if I do react at that time, after that I will check and change my thoughts. This is the training I need to give my mind.

♥ The Invisible Law Of The Universe – Part 5 

we had explained four types of thoughts, words and actions, which create corresponding sanskaras in the soul. Not only corresponding sanskaras but all of them create different types of sanskaras depending on the emotion behind the thought, word and action. Also, the four types of thoughts, words and actions as mentioned yesterday, in decreasing order of purity are – positive, necessary, unnecessary and negative. We have explained what all four mean.

The whole day sees different types of situations and ups and downs. Life is constantly turning. Situations do arise and settle down soon all the time. Sometimes some situations remain for a longer time also which is less rare. But, the bottom line is maintaining our thoughts within the positive and necessary category all the time. Because, the ones who are internally powerful, for them situations are like bubbles on water, which are temporary. They only remain positive in any kind of situation to see the situation go away soon. They smile inspite of situations existing in their lives, which in more than 9 out of 10 times say goodbye very easily and in a span of a few hours or days and not more than that. Of course, there is that one odd situation like an illness or a difficult relationship or a loss of a close loved one, which can last for a few months or more than that and that too not in all cases. Very often, you hear people complaining of how situations are sticky in nature and refuse to go away from their lives. Of course, there is the past negative karma which is the big reason for these situations, as explained earlier in this message series and the law of karma is something that no one can run away from. Imagine many past births under the influence of a deadly negative and impure emotion like lust or a little less negatively powerful emotion of anger which can destroy the soul’s cleanliness and fill it with negative and impure sanskaras. Here we are talking of thousands of such thoughts, words and actions of the past births – how negatively influential they can be on our present. But remember there is a way out of this – not only clean the past negative karma through meditation but also something which we can do something about now, because the past negative karma is over. Perform positive and pure karma in the present. Doing both of these attracts solutions to difficult situations in our lives very easily and very fast – that is the key.


To acknowledge small little attainments is to ensure promises made are kept.

Thought to ponder: We do make promises to ourselves from time to time. But as time passes on, we forget our promises and we are back to where we started, or sometimes worse. We need to notice, acknowledge and remind ourselves of small little attainments we begin to find from the time we started fulfilling our promise. This will fill us with enthusiasm and give us the courage to continue.

Point to practice: Today I will take up an old promise and write it down on a piece of paper and place it where I can see it again and again. Each day, I will add something to that paper, which is actually something that I have attained because of fulfilling this promise. It could be a small little change, appreciation or positive outcome. I will keep collecting these attainments to keep up my enthusiasm.

♥ The Invisible Law Of The Universe – Part 6 

Reviewing the day that has gone by and checking how the quality of karmas have been and then ensuring that the karmas the next day are of a positive nature is a very good protection against difficult situations and also in reducing the intensity of these situations. Some people say that there is no justice, but remember the law of karma is an integral part of life. It is eternal and permanent. So people who are creating negative thoughts, words and actions will sooner or later face sorrow because sometimes the law of karma can take time to catch up with someone but they will face the results of their actions sooner or later. Also, if someone is surrounded by different types of difficult situations and problems all the time does not mean that he has performed more negative actions than those who are relatively less surrounded by situations. In these cases, it is just a matter of chance that at a particular moment of time or for a few months or years, their past actions were visible in their lives in the form of problems more than for the others. For the others, that time when they face the results of their karma could be a few years later. So using the law of karma to label someone as one who has performed more negative actions in their past births or lives is absolutely incorrect because remember negative or impure actions were performed by everyone, some more and some less. Each and every human being on the planet is facing the result of their past karma at the present moment of time when it’s time to clear all our negative actions.

This is the time when God performs His task of world transformation incognito i.e. not known to the complete world, since many people have not recognized His present presence in the world or have heard of that but they do not believe it is possible. God is a part of our lives today for the purpose of freeing us from the results of all our negative actions, so there is no need to feel sorrowful if there are negative situations in our lives today. On the other hand, let us become full of the power of determination, that with the help of God’s power of purity and a powerful connection with Him I can finish of all the accounts of my negative actions and become pure and problem free.


To consider myself a child of God is to have a right to His powers.

Thought to ponder: In times of crises, it is very natural to ask God for help or power to face them. Yet, it seems that there is little power for sometime or no power at all to face the situation. On the other hand, when I remind myself that I am a child of God, I will automatically have a right to whatever God has. God is all powerful, full of all powers. It is these powers that I can use as a right, to deal with those difficult situations.

Point to practice: Today I will take a thought, “I am a child – a child of God. Whatever He has, I too have a right over it.” I will use these powers instead of just seeking and asking (still feeling powerless).

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