Tapping Guidance From The Supreme Intellect

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ϒ Tapping Guidance From The Supreme Intellect – Part-1 ϒ

There are many occasions in my day-to-day life when I am not sure as to what my next course of action should be in that particular situation. The intellect is the faculty inside the soul which normally takes all decisions for the soul. But sometimes the intellect is clouded by my own or others’ sanskaras, beliefs, opinions, inclinations, assumptions, thoughts, actions, past experiences, etc.

In such a situation, I require the guidance of an entity who:

– is above the whole situation and is seeing it as a spectator or observer and is not a player in the situation,

– is the knower of the three aspects of time (the past, present and the future),

– can see the situation from all dimensions or perspectives,

– is beyond all influences and is impartial,

– is extremely pure and clear,

– knows me more than I know myself,

– knows my benefit and harm more than I know it myself,

– someone who is selfless and is concerned for my well being the most, etc.

No human entity can fulfill all these requirements.

Θ Message Θ

To start the day with positivity is to ensure success throughout the day.

Expression: When I am a journey, I choose and decide my way – where I have to go. My choice leads me on further in that way. In the same way, the first thought that I have as soon as I wake up decides the quality of my day. If I start the day with a positive thought, I will be able to pick out the best from all that the day has to offer and move ahead towards success.

Experience: Today I will check what the first thought was that I had when I woke up from bed. I will then take an aim to start the day with a positive thought. Instead of thinking “Oh God, I am late”, let me think “I am going to have a great day”. I will also create a positive thought before starting any new task.

ϒ Tapping Guidance From The Supreme Intellect – Part-2 ϒ

we had discussed how no human entity can fulfill all the necessary requirements of someone who can guide us correctly in any difficult situation. Thus to proceed in such a situation, it’s good to take the guidance from the intellect of someone who fulfills all these criteria. That someone is no one except the Supreme Being or God, who is the entity possessing the most powerful intellect, and intellect with the most perfect judgment power. Sometimes my mind and intellect is absolutely clean and clear and I am 100% sure about my right course of action for the future, but even in those times its good to verify the course of action from a higher authority. So, in those times, it is very important to connect for a few minutes with the Supreme, who is an Energy of Unlimited Truth. Then, the question to ask myself at that time is not what do I want, or what do others want, but most importantly: What does the Supreme want, what is his wish, what is his perception of the situation? The deeper my connection with Him in meditation, the clearer the answer will come.

When it becomes a regular practice, it will be as simple as taking guidance from my physical parent or spouse or friend. I’ll know without wasting time and energy, the right course of action. Sometimes it may happen that the answer may not come to me immediately, but by connecting my intellect with the Supreme’s intellect my intellect will become clear, which will help me take the right decision. Also, in some cases the Supreme may not respond immediately but may guide me through some other medium, whether living or non-living after some time or even after a day or two.

Θ Message Θ

To finish the burden of the past is to move forward with lightness and speed.

Thought to ponder: Through out the day, I may not have that much attention on myself. I may not be able to sustain a thought that I had taken for myself. But before I go to sleep, I need to check myself how I was through out the day and hand clear out all my fears, feelings etc and go to sleep. This practice will make my sleep peaceful and the next day will be beautiful too, because there is no burden of the baggage of the previous day.

Point to practice: Today I will talk to myself and God before I go to sleep. I will write down all my doubts, fears and feelings to Him. I will become light in my mind and go to sleep peacefully. Because I will, then, look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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