Consciousness Cleansing

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Consciousness Cleansing – Part 1

Living a life in which there is complete freedom from your old habits makes you emotionally stronger and also full of all powers which are required to experience success in all the different types of life situations. So, giving time to checking the self in this way once a day, at the end of the day, helps us re-condition our self for the next day and act accordingly. Old habits dominate our thought process and also do not let us stay in peace and inner contentment. So, whenever you start the day and enter the field of action, tell yourself that I will experience inner contentment in all spheres of life by remaining in tune with my original nature of peace and complete purity as well as joy. Where there is purity of the mind, there will be peace and joy.

Purity can be defined as the complete celibacy of the mind in which there is no trace, even at the most subtle level, of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego – the five many enemies of the soul which spoil the texture of the soul and reduce its quality in terms of virtues. Celibacy is not restricted only to the absence of a particular vice but is the complete quality of the soul with a holistic meaning. Normally when we talk about celibacy, it is a word which we relate with an absence of an excessive misuse of lust as a vice. But, holistic celibacy means a mind which has completely freed itself from all the vices e.g. excessive misuse of anger to get work done is a vice but assertiveness to do the same is not a vice. Also, excessive misuse of greed to achieve big things in life is a vice but being reasonably ambitious to do the same is not a vice. Another example – loving your family members with joy is a not a vice but being attached to them, which causes sorrow at times, is a vice. And lastly, being full of self-esteem and being happy about your specialties and talents is not a vice but becoming egoistic about them as well as boasting about them is a vice. So celibacy means having the knowledge of all the vices and all their different shades and remaining free of them and is not restricted to only lust and its misuse.

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To leave weaknesses is to decorate with virtues.

Thought to Ponder: True decoration is to decorate ourselves with virtues. For example, happiness and peace brings decoration to my face. In order to be decorated, I need to leave attachment to weaknesses. When I am able to give up weaknesses, my virtues too are uncontaminated. In order to give up weaknesses, I need not give too much importance to them. Instead, I need to focus on working on my strengths.

Point to Practice: Today I will decorate myself with one virtue. I will start with happiness. When anything happens to take away my happiness, I will remind myself that I cannot spoil my decoraton. I will do all that I can to make happiness a natural part of my life.

Consciousness Cleansing – Part 2

Whenever you step into the daily routine, give yourself a few positive thoughts which will orient your mind towards a pure consciousness and attitude towards others. We all know that cleanliness is the original sanskara of the soul and cleanliness is where there is peace, joy, love and power inside our consciousness. Also it is where there is no room for emotions or thoughts of anger, ego, jealousy, hatred and too much thinking about the past or future or in general about others and what they are doing, which is sometimes unnecessary and in excess.

So, when we start the daily work routine at 7 or 8 o’clock or after that, it is important to read something positive before that and fill our mind with positivity which will keep our mind occupied for the rest of the day. This reading of wisdom or spiritual knowledge or practical tips for mind empowerment early in the morning will change your mindset and you will feel mentally fresh and powerful. On the other hand, an empty mind i.e. one that has not filled itself with positive thoughts can easily come under the influence of the different ups and downs of the day or variety sanskarasor natures of different people at the workplace or even in your family. Such a person is constantly vibrant and full of energy, radiating contentment and without any complaints about life in general and how it is going on. Also, as they say food, rest and exercise are the key to a healthy body. In the same way, experiencing oneself as a soul and going with the eye of your mind to your spiritual Father, the Supreme Soul or God and charging yourself with mental energy and positivity is like an exercise. The exercise of connecting with God, with the power of visualization and thought, gives the soul a lot of strength. Also positive thoughts are like the food for the soul. Also, rest for the soul, along with experiencing peace at hourly intervals, is loving God in different ways all through the day. God is always with us and teaches us how to radiate good wishes to each soul and tie them in a bond of pure love with oneself and with God. So, enjoying the company of God while performing actions and giving that ocean of love, which you receive from Him, to others, gives a lot of peace, rest and fulfillment to the soul, because you receive a lot of blessings in return, from those whom you have shared God’s love with.

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To see only problems is to become the one who only takes service.

Thought to Ponder: When there is the practice of seeing only problems in all situations there is the inability to find solutions and act effectively. All the resources that could be used for the benefit of the self and others remain hidden. Such a person becomes dependent on others for finding solutions and a source of pity.

Point to Practice: When I am caught up with problems and not able to see anything else, I am unable to experience progress. I find myself moving backward losing a lot of things I have. I would not be able to retain my self-confidence and would become dependent on others.

Consciousness Cleansing – Part 3

Purity of the mind which will come by the remembrance of God is something that is to be made the aim of your life and is the most important characteristic of your life. After all, the purer you are, the more happiness you attract in your life. Do you know that each time we have an impure thought we transmit an energy packet to the universe of a negative nature and that energy packet will then come back to us in the form of a sorrow filled circumstance which can be of any nature. So, purity of the soul or our consciousness is like the most important aspect of our lives because it is the foundation of all our life experiences which come to us from the outside world.

If a person is regularly having negative life experiences, that means she has negative energy inside her due to some negative action of her immediate or far off past, which is at the present moment coming back to her in the form of negative scenes in her life. So what she needs to do at that point of time is to create a lot of positive thoughts, full of purity i.e. thoughts free from lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and full of peace, love, joy and spiritual power. Also these thoughts should be full of high self-esteem, and focused towards the negative scenes in her life i.e. creating these powerful thoughts and then complementing them with thoughts of success. Also visualizing that negative scenes of failure are being overcome, can do magic and wonders and bring her sorrows to an end. This is what a pure consciousness can do. E.g. if a person is suffering from regular financial losses and there is no end to them, he could start creating positive thoughts of success and remain free from negative thoughts of failure. At the same time he could remain in high self-esteem while doing this and experience complete purity of the soul in a positive state of mind and remain free from impurity or negative states of the mind. Over a period of a few days, he will start noticing a change in his negative situations. This is guaranteed if done the way we have outlined in this message. This is celibacy in practical life and it is a broader definition of the term celibacy and not restricted to the misuse of lust alone. So celibacy or complete purity is the essence of our lives and the key to the treasure of peace and happiness in our life.

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The way to be healthy is to have the nourishment of happiness.

Thought to Ponder: The best nourishment for both the body and mind is the nourishment of happiness. The one who is able to be in happiness under all circumstances is truly healthy. When I have the aim to be happy, I will start finding reasons to be so. Happiness brings a lot of other qualities that help me empower myself to face challenges. So, I become stronger mentally, thereby becoming physically healthier too.

Point to Practice: Today I will be happy whatever the situations or challenges I may have to face through out the day. Instead of finding small little reasons to be upset, let me today find small little reasons to be happy. Even when everything seems to be going wrong, there is surely something that is going right or could go right with my effort.

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