What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking On The Body?

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What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking On The Body?

• You feel more relaxed physically.

• You feel more active with more energy.

• Your breathing improves, being slower and deeper.

• Your immunological system (immunity) is strengthened and your digestive system improves.

• The nervous system is strengthened.

• Your mind is balanced and in harmony and your health improves.

• Your energy flows better and you feel more active.

– Message –

Be free from desire and you’ll be free from anger too.

Checking: When the ideas that you have offered are being rejected, check what kind of feelings you are having. Is there any irritation or anger? Where there is either of these it indicates that there is a desire for what you have said to be fulfilled.

Practice: When you are giving your ideas, just tell yourself that your idea is just for the good of all, if it is accepted by all it’s good. Even if it isn’t it is nothing to get upset about. When there is no consciousness of ‘it has to happen’, you’ll find yourself free from anger.

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