A Beautiful Reunion

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A Beautiful Reunion – Part 1 

Have you ever wondered why we started celebrating festivals? One of the main reasons why festivals started being celebrated, apart from the traditional reasons, was to bring enthusiasm in the lives of people through celebrations on special days. We at the Brahma Kumaris also celebrate festivals, but we celebrate them with their spiritual significance deeply held in our minds, because festivals without their spiritual importance lose their substance and their essence of purity. At the same time, care is taken that apart for celebrating the festival on the special day, every day is treated as a series of joyful moments of time so that the happiness is not restricted to the day of the festival but every day is a fun fill festival. Everyday involves a loveful chit chat with the spiritual parent – the mother and the father (or God), playing with the jewels of knowledge which he gives and also distributing the jewels to others in the same way as we used to play as little children and share chocolates and simple gifts with each other and experience the happiness associated with the loveful bonding that existed between all of us due to that.

Also, a day in God’s company is incomplete without sharing all the love that we have inside us with the world family because spirituality is incomplete without sharing all that you fill yourself with – the peace, joy and good wishes with others. So, life is not being close to God alone but also close to other souls of the world family. Both these pure relationships – with God and the other souls of the world family, in the present, are based on the spiritual knowledge of who we are, who God is and who the souls of the world family are and what roles all of us have played in the world drama.


To be an example is to ensure positive correction.

Thought to ponder: To correct people through words is easy. Yet, we find that people are not ready to listen to what we say. Each one feels, in his own way, that he is right. So however positively we put it, we cannot change people’s thinking. But whatever we want to teach, we first have to be an embodiment of that. When we become a role model, people learn, without them feeling that they are being corrected.

Point to practice: Today I will be patient even when I see someone doing something wrong. I will not correct him and make him feel guilty. Because I understand that if his behavior is wrong, my correction is wrong too. Specially if it is done rudely or with anger or irritation. So I understand that one wrong cannot correct another wrong.

A Beautiful Reunion – Part 2 

As per the knowledge of the world drama, after living many births in the last phase of the world drama in sorrow, especially when sorrow came our way through the different mediums of mind, body, role and relationships, there was a desire in each one’s heart to experience joy and that desire is being fulfilled by God now. It is the time when He comes down and is very close to us while He is liberating us from all the different moments of sorrow we went through in each birth, those sorrows which we have forgotten in our present birth. We all have stored inside our sub-conscious minds various different memories of ups and downs that we went through in different births in the latter part of the world drama. Today the shadows of those same memories continue to fall upon our lives i.e. whenever we are faced with a difficult situation, we tend to experience fear and insecurity very easily and the inner strength to face these difficulties is lacking. This is because we went through a lot of pain due to various reasons like the sudden loss of a loved one, the illness that destroyed our confidence, our own untimely death, the wars and the financial instability, the other types of sorrows like not being as attractive or healthy as others or natures that we received from our parents not being particularly pure and positive, even the not so perfect or nice husband or wife or child or any other relationship that was sorrow-giving. All this and much more happened with each one of us in some birth or the other that we passed through in our journey of birth and rebirth, especially in the last phase of the world drama.

The love of God – the spiritual Father and Mother, today, is making us forget all the hidden fears and sorrow that we even carry sub-consciously because He is the One who has seen all that we experienced each day of each birth. And also, the love exchanged through each interaction with each soul of the world based on spiritual wisdom is filling us with a lot of happiness and bringing us heartfelt blessings from them. So, our present lives are full of enthusiasm and all that we went through in the last phase of the world drama is being washed out by the love of the Supreme and the love of all the souls of the world family who accompany us, as the world drama comes to an end and a new repetition of the world drama begins on a happy note in the future and remains full of happiness for many years after that.


The one who defames or criticizes is a true friend.

Thought to ponder: If one has a clear vision of where he wants to go, he constantly looks for opportunities and means to move ahead. When someone criticizes, it is an opportunity to learn something, to check and change what I might have missed. It doesn’t matter with what intention the other person is criticizing. It is more important whether I have learnt from it or not. So he actually becomes a friend who is helping me progress.

Point to practice: Today I will listen to people carefully and take at least one point that I could bring about a change. I will then explain to myself that this particular aspect is going to help me to move forward. This is what I will bring into action.

 ♥ A Beautiful Reunion – Part 3 

At the end of the world drama, with God’s knowledge in our heart, we know that the present moment is the time, when all the accounts of karmas with other souls are getting settled i.e. all the negative that existed between us and other souls in the past will get over by becoming pure and the remembrance of the Supreme. Also, by coming into contact with other souls of the world family with an extremely pure vision in the present, we are creating sanskaras inside us of coming into contact again and again with these souls on a positive note in the births of the next world cycle, which will begin soon after we return to the soul world in the near future and then come down again to play our roles in the world.

Life without the canopy of God and without the sweet and loving relationships of other souls of the world family would be a life lacking enthusiasm. Don’t forget all of us were pure divine beings when we came down from the soul world at different times throughout the world drama, to play our parts on earth. We met different souls of different natures and specialties in our journey. Some of them were our parents at times, some our brothers or sisters and some friends. Sometimes we were male, sometimes female in different births and so were all these relations whom we were close to in different births. Some souls – we regularly came into contact through different relationships and some less. Parents of some births returned as children in different births, friends returned as siblings (brothers or sisters) and more. All this happened regularly. Now, at the end of the world drama, is the time to come together, re-unite and form a garland of pure souls who are children of God, then go back to the soul world and form a garland of pure souls in the soul world around God, the Supreme Soul and then come down to the world of happiness and play our roles as a garland of pure and divine human beings which are our future roles.

 ♦ Message

To see and relate to virtues is the best form of diplomacy.

Thought to ponder: It is said that we need to be diplomatic while dealing with people. Yet, many feel that being diplomatic, equals to not being honest or truthful. However, the easiest way to be diplomatic is to see and relate to virtues. When I am able to see others’ virtues, I am only relating to them with that. There might be weaknesses, but I don’t highlight them during my interaction with them. So they too are more comfortable with me.

Point to practice: Today I will look for virtues. Out of all the people, I interact with; I will pay special attention to list out the virtues or specialties of at least three people. Every time I interact with them, I will remind myself of these qualities at least once during the interaction. This practice will help me create a habit of picking virtues.

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