Understanding The Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth Cycle

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Understanding The Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth Cycle – Part 1

The realization of the self as a soul, an eternal (always existing) energy, naturally leads to the following questions:

Where is the soul before it comes into a physical body? 
Where does the soul go after it leaves it? 
What is the purpose of the world drama? 

These are questions that deeply concern human beings, yet until now there isn’t 100% conclusive proof of life after death.

The images of “fires of hell” and a heavenly world beyond the clouds are talked about in the world’s religions. Yet to the rational and logical minded, the states of living forever tortured in holes of fire (hell) or on the other hand relaxing in complete happiness in a fairy-tale kingdom (heaven), seem far away from the reality of the present.

Most accept that there is some order to the world creation, but viewing our drama through spectacles of body-consciousness it is impossible to see it, as the soul is imprisoned by bodily needs and sensual desires. In body-consciousness the soul is unable to see anything clearly. Only when we are at the point of death does one think about life after death. At funerals, everyone faces the new absence of a loved person, the departure of the personality and the temporary nature of the physical body. Everyone wishes that the person who has died will go to heaven and not to hell.



To be successful I need to have the balance between the head and the heart. 

Projection: In my interactions with others, I sometimes only use my head, i.e., my logic. I am very logical and understand the facts very clearly. But if I keep myself limited only to the facts, I tend to forget to use my heart. I then am not available to the other person and fail to understand him.

Solution: In order to be successful in my interactions with others I need to have the right balance between my head and my heart. I need to see beyond what the facts say and try to listen and understand the other person too. When I do this I will not hurt people with my attitude but will be able to maintain harmonious relationships.


Understanding The Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth Cycle – Part 2

We subconsciously know that we are souls. Birth, life and death are just stages in existence. In fact all natural processes can be found to have a beginning, a middle, an end and a new beginning to continue the cycle. The soul takes a bodily form, gives life to it and after a period of time, long or short, leaves it and takes another suited to the continuation of its role. As long as the soul is in the body, the body grows like a plant from baby to child, youth to maturity. It then begins to decay and finally becomes unusable. The moment the soul leaves the body, the body becomes like a dead log of a tree. It immediately starts to decompose and eventually goes back to dust.

Again the soul moves into a foetus inside the womb of a mother. After time it emerges as a newborn baby and immediately begins to show the sanskars it had developed in its previous life. It is the same soul but in a new physical situation. Thus death is merely the means by which a complete change of circumstances and environment for the soul takes place. Time never kills the soul, but the body, being a part of nature or matter, obeys the law of decay that everything new becomes old and eventually finishes. The molecular components of this body disintegrate only to re-integrate as another form (body) some time later.

The process of birth-life-death-rebirth is also eternal (without a beginning or an end). It has always been going on and will continue. The soul comes into the body, expresses a role and experiences the results of that for a certain time, then leaves it, and the process starts again. Similarly, souls come into this world, remain here as actors for a number of births and then return to the region from which they come, for rest. This process also starts again. The pattern is a cyclic one. This is called the eternal world cycle.


To make thoughts as pure as the actions is to be truly elevated. 

Projection: There is usually attention on the self not to perform any negative acts. There is also considerable attention not to speak any words that are harmful or negative. But very rarely is there that attention on the thoughts. Because of this a lot of negative thoughts tend to remain in the intellect causing trouble for me.

Solution: I need to understand the fact that my thoughts form the basis for my words and actions. The more I pay attention to make my thoughts positive, the more it will make a positive impact on my words and actions too. Constant awareness of a positive thought enables me to maintain my own inner positivity.

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