A Message From God On Shivratri

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A Message From God On Shivratri – Part 1

The festival of Shivratri symbolizes the divine incarnation of God Shiva into this world. We all talk to God … in our prayers … hymns … and rituals. We thank Him for everything He has given us … we praise Him for His powers … we ask Him for help … we ask Him to forgive us for our sins … we talk to Him everyday … but have we paused to listen to what He has to say to us. This message from God can connect you to the one you have been looking for … can give you all that you ever wanted … let’s listen to Him …

“My sweetest children, you have forgotten me, because we haven’t met since a very long time. You have all heard about me, read about me. But now the time has come for me to talk to you directly, to tell you the truth you have been looking for. Before I tell you about myself, let me remind you about yourself. Sweet children, you are not who you think you are – name, religion, profession, relationship … you are not even this body which you see. You are a pure conscient being, a tiny point of light, a soul which uses the body to play many roles. You are a pure, peaceful, loveful, powerful soul.

Around 5000 years ago, you all lived with me in our home … the soul world … a land of complete silence and purity. But you, my sweet children, had to play your role on this earth, for which you left me and your home and came into this world. When you came to this world you were complete, perfect and divine. Each of you got a perfect costume to wear and this world was a perfect world … a world of divinity, love and prosperity, called Paradise, Heaven, Swarg, Jannat, Bahist … When your body would get old, you would just change and wear a new costume and continue to play your role. More and more children from home joined you in this world. You all were enjoying this world of happiness for about 2500 years, called the Golden Age (Satyuga) and Silver Age(Tretayuga).”

– Message –

To consider problems to be a game is to move forward with lightness.

Expression: Even when the most difficult problem comes my way, I am able to give my best when I understand the significance of whatever is happening. Because I never experience being subservient to the problem, I am always a master.

Application: When I understand that problems are just a game, I am able to play whatever part I have to, externally. But internally I will experience lightness knowing that this is the part I have to play. It would be easy to understand the significance of the part that I am playing and remain happy.

A Message From God On Shivratri – Part 2

“As you had been playing your part on the world stage for a very long time, your purity and power slowly started to reduce. You forgot your own self and thought you were the body you were wearing and thus lust, anger, ego, attachment and greed came into your interactions. The love and harmony which was there amongst you was lost and you started cheating and fighting with each other. When you experienced pain and sorrow, you started calling out to me. You started looking for me, you had forgotten that I, your Father, stay in the soul world. You started looking for me in your own world. You had a faint memory that I like you, am a point of light, so you started building temples of Shiv Jyoti Lingam, where you made a symbol of my form to remember me.

Hearing your cries of pain and conflict, I sent your brothers, who were my pure children to your world to guide you. I sent Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak to your world. They came to teach you the right way of living. They reminded you that I, the Supreme Soul, point of light, Ocean of Purity and Love, am your Father, and I live above in the soul world. They came to connect you to me, but you started looking for me in them.

As time passed, you got divided in the name of religion, nationalities, caste and creed. You, my sweet children, started waging wars in my name. You built temples of your ancestors, the divine souls who had lived in your world in the Golden and Silver Age (or Heaven) – Shri Lakshmi Narayan, Shri Radhe Krishna, Shri Ram Sita. You built temples to glorify them and you started looking for me in them. As your cries increased, your search for me became more intense. You looked for me in nature. You even thought that I was in each one of you. Some of you dedicated your life to search for me, but still could not find me. Some of you got so entangled in your world of science and technology that you even believed that I did not exist. This was the Copper Age (Dwaparyuga) and Iron Age (Kaliyuga) which lasted for another 2500 years.”

– Message –

You can bring transformation in others when you have faith in them.

Expression: When you blame others for their weakness they will not able to change themselves. Instead when you have faith in others, it enables them to have faith in themselves too. This will give them the courage to work on themselves and change their negativity into positivity.

Application: Think of one person whom you want a change in. Tell yourself again and again that you believe that he will change. Also whenever you interact with this person let it be with only with the positive in him.

A Message From God On Shivratri – Part 3

“You thought I decide your destiny, whenever you had a problem you blamed me for it and prayed to me to correct it. Sweet children, I am your Father, can I ever give you disease, poverty, abuse, conflict and natural calamities. Everything in your world works according to the Law of Karma, you are only getting a return for what you have done. You are the creators of your destiny. I can give you the knowledge and power to create a wonderful destiny. But for that you need to connect to me and study the knowledge I give.

Sweet Children, your search for me now ends. All these years you could not find me because I was not in your world, I was in our home. But now, as promised to you, I have descended into your world. I have come to purify you. I have come into your world to remind you of who you are and who I am.

My lovely children, like you, I am also just a point of light. I am the Ocean of Purity, the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Knowledge. You have called out to me by many names, but my actual name is Shiva. I am your Father, Teacher and Guide. You children take a body and come into the cycle of birth and death, I do not take a body. I live in the soul world, a land of golden red light, land of silence and purity, which is also the home from where you all came to this world. I have come into your material world to give you knowledge, love and power.”

– Message –

Faith in God gives you power to face the different challenges that come your way.

Contemplation: In the difficult situations that come in your life when you have faith in God, the power within you is brought out. With the faith that God is with you, you can transform negative to positive, and impossible becomes possible.

Application: When any task demands strength beyond your capacity, make the all-powerful God your companion. With the power of His companionship you will find things a lot easier to handle. Because of your faith help automatically comes.

A Message From God On Shivratri – Part 4

“Sweet children, become aware of your original self and connect to me. Remember me and reclaim your inheritance of Peace, Purity, Bliss, Power and Love. I have come to re-energize you so that together we create the New World, a world where:

Peace is the religion
Love is the language
Compassion is the relationship
Truth is in action and
Happiness is a way of living.

A New World Morning for you … your dream … is very soon going to be a reality.”

This is the message of God for all of us on the occasion of Shivratri and this is our experience at the Brahma Kumaris, expressed in a few words – He talks to me everyday … He loves me sooo much … He has healed all my pain … He teaches me everyday … I know it’s difficult to believe, but He has really come … Do you want to connect to Him … Do you want to experience a personal relationship with Him … He is here and He is mine … He has finally come … you don’t believe me … come and experience for yourself.

To know Him more, come over to the nearest Brahma Kumaris centre.

Call … email …

– Message –

True happiness doesn’t come from external things or people but from within.

Contemplation: As long as we depend for our happiness on external sources, there is every chance that we are disappointed. True happiness is that which comes from within. It is to enjoy and cherish each moment. When you do this your happiness spreads to others too.

Application: Take this thought today to smile at everyone and everything that comes your way. When you believe you are happy you will be able to take even the negative things in the most positive way.

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Overcoming The Fear Of Interaction Or Socializing

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Overcoming The Fear Of Interaction Or Socializing

There are various activities that you are perhaps afraid of doing, but that you know they are very useful activities to indulge in e.g. if you are afraid of socializing or interacting with people, either on a one-to-one basis or in a group. In a party or a situation where lots are people are enjoying the company of each other or in a meeting with your boss for e.g., you feel out of place and uncomfortable. The problem might lie in a negative image of the self or low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear of the other’s opinion about you, lack of spiritual strength, past failure in having done so, being influenced by the other person’s role or position etc. How do you overcome this fear? By interacting with more and more people. The more you interact and mix up with them and express your viewpoint fearlessly, you realize that it is not a problem. Even if you make a mistake or you feel unsure, with practice you will see that there is no problem.

Most of our fears are overcome with the practice of doing what you are afraid of. If you do not make a brave step forward in order to overcome the fear of expressing yourself, you will continue to be the victim of this fear. This fear is then a negative energy that paralyses your intellect as a result of which your concentration and your decision-making power reduces. It also disorganizes your ideas, and confuses you whenever you express yourself in front of a person or people. What is more, fear produces clumsiness in your words, body movements and actions and makes you lose your image of credibility. It gives an impression of nervousness and low self-respect to the other. You have to overcome it, and you will manage to do it with practice and by changing the vision that you have of others: they are not a threat, they are not judges who are going to pass a judgment against you, they are offering you the opportunity to express yourself. If you value yourself, you will not be afraid of not being appreciated by them and others will finally appreciate you. If you do not value yourself, the opposite will happen.

– Message –

The one who is free from expectations is the one who is constantly cheerful.

Expression: Usually I am quick to percieve my own desires and I do realise that desires give sorrow. So I make effort to overcome them. But most often I am not able to recognise my own expectations that I have from people which destroy my own cheer. My expectations from others prevent me from bringing about a positive change in myself.

Experience: I need to recognise that each and every individual is unique with his own unique specialities and values. When I recognise this uniqueness I will not expect people to behave according to what I feel is right but will respect them for what they are. Thus I’ll be able to be constantly cheerful.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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