Ruling The Kingdom Of The Mind

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Ruling The Kingdom Of The Mind – Part – 1

Have you ever looked inside the inner kingdom of your mind where your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your ministers? Is it a kingdom of law or anarchy (lawlessness)? Do you ever wonder – “Ah, I wish there would be more order and less chaos in my kingdom!” So what stops you from creating a kingdom of law and order? Is it external situations or is it your internal reactions to these situations? Just for one day, perform this little exercise, check that out of the tens of thousands of thoughts and feelings you create in a day, how many are your own creation and how many are responses to external events. If they are your own positive creation or if they are responses to events, but correct ones, then be proud that your ministers are obeying you. Do you realize that the time when these thoughts and feelings are the wrong type of reactions on your part and not your original correct creations, is the time when these ministers are wicked and disobeying you.

A kingdom where the ministers disobey the king (that is you) repeatedly, is a kingdom, the atmosphere of which is lacking in harmony, love and joy, which in our case is our mind. It is a kingdom which is not respected by its people, who work under the ministers of thoughts and feelings, the people being your attitudes, expressions, words and actions, who further disintegrate and go their incorrect way following the orders of their seniors – the thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is a kingdom where the king has to bow down in front ofthe outsiders, the neighbours, which in this case is the external situations and other spiritual kings like me, involved in these situations. Also, it is a kingdom which is lacking in stability and susceptible (vulnerable) to attacks by the neighbours repeatedly.

– Message –

You can transform yourself when you have true realisation within your heart.

Expression: When you have a problem in your relationship with someone, ask yourself if you are realising your own mistake in it. Also check if you really understand why the other person is behaving in the way he does. When you understand this you can change yourself instead of expecting the other one to change.

Experience: Each day, remind yourself that you are confident and sure of yourself and whatever the problems may be, they are just like exam papers, which come to test you. When you do this you will have no complaint but can easily transform yourself and move ahead.

Ruling The Kingdom Of The Mind – Part – 2

“Am I a weak king or a mighty (strong) one?” This is a question that each one of us needs to ask ourselves at the end of each day. Every night, call upon your ministers – the thoughts, feelings and emotions in your kingdom court and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them regarding the kingdom and its people, which are your attitudes, expressions, words and actions. A court is also held to check the daily report of the behavior of the ministers. As the ministers of a kingdom, so its people (as mentioned above). To keep the kingdom in order, an able (talented) king will train the ministers and its people to react correctly to topsy-turvy situations which the kingdom is exposed to every day, which causes instability in the kingdom. This ability is the power of the king in action.

To train the ministers to respond correctly, a powerful king will, at the start of the day and at regular intervals in the day, give thoughts of power to the mind such as – I am an ocean of success or I possess the all powerful driving force of motivation or I can destroy obstacles that try to obstruct my path coupled with thoughts of peace such as – I shall not react angrily, but maintain my calm or I shall not look at others’ actions but keep my focus on my stable stage or I shall keep a relationship of outer detachment to external situations as well as inner detachment to internal pressures coupled with thoughts of love such as – I am an overflowing source of good wishes or I will be forgetful of others’ mistakes or I shall absorb others’ virtues and fill others with virtues coupled with thoughts of joy such as I will remain light and give others the same experience or I shall spread the wings of enthusiasm and fly high or I shall gift a smile and a greeting to everyone. These types of thought suggestions will in turn positively influence the feelings and emotions, the ministers of my kingdom and my attitudes, expressions, words and actions, the people of my kingdom. How? We shall explain that in tomorrow’s message.

– Message –

You will be constantly successful when you have faith and intoxication.

Expression: At the end of each day check if you are finding yourself enjoying everything that you are doing throughout the day. Check if you are having the intoxication of being successful in spite of the seeming failures.

Experience: Each day start the day with the practice of being the successful one. Also continue to maintain this intoxication throughout the day. Then you’ll find that you are happy with yourself and others will find you successful too.

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