Radiating Positive And Powerful Energy

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Radiating Positive And Powerful Energy

Radiating Positive And Powerful Energy

You will notice many people in your life who are very much in need of love but they attract the opposite energy. This is because the negative energy of lack of love for the self and low self esteem which they continuously radiate causes them to attract that same negative energy from others. In the same way, there are many people who are very much in need of success but they attract failure repeatedly. Failure is directly related to the quality of energy we radiate i.e. how positive and powerful our expectations of success are. Once we set the goals that we wish to reach, we need to be careful that we move towards our aim without creating the negative energy of fear inside our consciousness. Failure appears when we make an effort to achieve those goals and we damage the result or attract failure without us desiring so, simply because of our fears of failure.Even then, if at that step we feel that we have failed, we need to have a positive and constructive attitude.

We need to emerge the power to face and power of acceptance inside us. That way our creative energies will flow and we will carry on going forward without the failure (whether real or only perceived by us to be real but actually not real) becoming an obstacle in our path from doing so. Although at that time it may seem as though we have missed an opportunity or that some openings have closed for us, have faith and be fearless. If we are fearless and radiate positive and powerful energy, other possibilities will open up. We have this deep rooted belief that our fear will keep us safe, and we treat it like a comfort zone, a red signal that tells us that we should stop. Creating a time every day to do something that you fear, helps you to re-condition yourself internally to begin to see the fear as a green signal and to develop inner courage, so that you can move towards your goal of success. Each day, do what you fear and the fear will soon be removed.

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Understanding brings happiness.

Expression: Happiness lies in understanding the secret of whatever is happening. When one is able ot remain happy in this way, he is able to spread this happiness to those around too, influencing the lives of all.

Experience: When I am able to remain happy under all circumstances, I am able to be free from the influence of others’ negativity. Instead I will be able to become a major source of positive influence to those around me.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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Motivation – The Life Driving Force

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Motivation – The Life Driving Force – Part 1

Motivation is the driving force behind our thoughts, feelings, words and actions which transfers us from one reality to another, from where I am to where I wish to be. It is an inner positive energy, a combination of enthusiasm and clear perception that enables us to accomplish a task or overcome a challenge. It is the desire to be continually interested and committed to a task or to attain a goal or cross a difficult situation.

Our thoughts really do color our perceptions, and affect our motivation levels in many ways. What thoughts are serving you today? Which thoughts are weighing you down? Have you ever turned over the exam papers of life – challenging situations, overpowering situations, disturbing situations, de-motivating situations; looked at the questions that life throws at you and wondered if you are sitting the right test? Or glanced through these papers of life and only see questions or aspects you aren’t equipped at handling? Or worse still, know that you once knew the answers to these questions but frustratingly, those nuggets ofspiritual wisdom, required to overcome these situations are now out of reach no matter how far into the back of your mind you grope, causing emotions of worry, frustration, fear, anger, discouragement, depression, panic and hopelessness to erupt inside you?

– Message –

The beauty of things lie in the ability to appreciate them.

Expression: Nothing is positive or negative in itself, but the one who has the eye for positive things sees only positively even when there is negativity around. Such a person is like a swan which separates and picks up only pearls from stones.

Experience: When I am looking only at the positive aspects, I am able to remain happy. If I am able to appreciate everything that comes my way, even if it is visibly negative, I find nothing to be a problem, but everything becomes enjoyable for me.


Motivation – The Life Driving Force – Part 2

Life throws different types of challenges at us. A difficult relationship with one particular person, we have all experienced, can at times have the potential to completely overpower our thoughts for days and even for years. Most of us will have endured the trauma of exams at some stage in our lives, usually at school, college or university. The looming prospect of having to answer questions on your most hated subjects often meant that even the most laid-back of personalities will have experienced feelings of anxiety, worry and exam stress. A sudden physical illnesscan at times have the destructive ability to not only bring about physical discomfort but make us dejected, discouraged and sorrowful for days until it subsides. A deadline at work or a sudden crash of the business market are types of challenging situations on the professional front. A difficult personality trait which constantly hinders our progress and harms our relationships is an example of a challenge on the personal front.

So challenges can be unpleasant, even scary, but they are important as in the process of overcoming the challenge, you work harder on yourself and they make you moredetermined and powerful. If you are not spiritually equipped to rise to these challenges, these tests of your internal strength, when they come about, it is unlikely you will be motivated enough to cross them. When faced with challenges, people can find that they are able to go the extra mile and pull from the backs of their minds answers to questions they did not realize they had ever learnt or ever knew. So, challenges can be helpful – but only if you turn the challenges into internal positive energy, you remain motivated while crossing them and by doing that you transform the challenges into blessings or gifts in disguise which will help you advance ahead and become more experienced and wise.

– Message –

To know the fruit of efforts will surely come is to remain happy and healthy.

Expression: To know that the fruit of my effort will eventually come one day, is to understand the importance of making effort. Once there is this understanding, it becomes easy to continue making effort, which is like nourishment that keeps one happy. So effort is never stopped till what has to be achieved is achieved.

Experience: Knowing that my effort will surely be fruitful makes me enjoy everything I do. It makes me remain happy, keeps me enthusiastic and free from tiredness, even when things are not going right for me. My mental happiness and well being thus keeps me healthy.


Motivation – The Life Driving Force – Part 3

“Challenges are like spice – in the right proportion they enhance the flavor of a dish. Too little of them produces a bland, dull meal; too many of them may choke you at times.”

Have you ever noticed some people only work a few hours a day and are hardly ever confronted by deadlines or other pressures, but they are more stressed and less motivated than those working long hours to tight deadlines. Have you ever watched two people doing the same or similar work, to the same deadlines? One tears their hair out with a lot of anxiety. The other is completely relaxed while doing it. Some people are trailblazers, they love challenges. They love it when they are occupied and bottled up with challenges at hand and passionate about overcoming them. They work hard on themselves to overcome challenges and are not overwhelmed by them. What really reinforces them to do that is the motivation that they have to overcome the challenge and become successful. Challenges motivate them. At the same time, there are times when there are too many challenges to overcome and deadlines to meet and the same people who have overcome challenges earlier are not able to cope up with them and keep themselves motivated. That is the time when they realize that what they are going through is stress and challenges have affected their motivation levels adversely. Why the difference between two people, why the difference from challenge to challenge or situation to situation? Perception. So it’s not what you do, or when you have to do it by, that causes your stress and brings down your motivation; it’s how you perceive the whats and whens of daily life that generates your stress and affects your motivation levels. It’s how each one perceives what they do and the possible outcome. And your perception is based on your beliefs and beliefs don’t come built into your genes. All beliefs are learned. We learn them, send them into our subconscious and they then pop up and out through our thoughts, emotions and words. The problem is we not only hold beliefs, we identify with them. But beliefs are not the truth.

– Message –

To give regard to others’ ideas is to be a learner.

Expression: The one who is open to the ideas of others is the one who is able to learn from everything. He is humble and has respect for all. He has the authority over what he does, he is the master and is yet open to learning.

Experience: Even when my best plan and ideas are rejected or criticised, I am able to remain cool and light because of my regard for others and their ideas. Because of this I am able to constantly learn and experience progress.


Motivation – The Life Driving Force – Part 4

When surrounded by challenges, sometimes we all need a little extra nurturing, and that gentleness can come from loved ones, or just from ourselves. Also, enjoyingwatching television, enjoying the hot chocolate and the coffee, enjoying the cold drink and the ice cream, enjoying the brisk walk and the gym, enjoying the picnic and the party, enjoying the holiday – these are all things that help us replenish our energy and remain motivated to some extent when we’ve had a rough day. But remember that to remain constantly motivated you need to also take a look at the non-physical dimension of thoughts and feelings. Physical treatments, therapies andrelaxation strategies will help you but they cannot change the way you think. Your thinking is the cause. And behind your thoughts, your beliefs are a deeper cause. We need to pay much more attention to our thoughts and feelings, learn to manage them, learn to fill them with peace and calm, and then our personality will change for the better, as we restore our mental and then physical well-being and learn to remain motivated and fearless amidst challenges. Remember no one else creates our thoughts and feelings, and they don’t just happen, though it feels that way sometimes. When you learn to identify and assess the quality of your thoughts and feelings, you can begin to choose the ones you know are positive and that in turn keeps you motivated.

Also, remember there’s virtually always something positive that can be found in the challenges we face. Bear in mind that the period of challenge is short and you will soon overcome the challenge. On a lighter note, spend a little time each day thinking of all the things you are looking forward to doing once you are free from these exams that life has to offer – though don’t daydream for hours about this! Also, when you long for life without difficulties and challenges and you want to keep yourself motivated when faced with them, remind yourself that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. Challenges are not here to stay and while they are there, they bring about self empowerment.

– Message –

To be seated on the seat of self-respect is to be truly great.

Expression: The one who is constantly in the stage of self-respect is constantly stable. And because of this stability he always has the right authority. This brings about right decisions too and he moves forward with ease facing all situations.

Experience: When I am aware of my own specialities and work with them I inspire others too to recognise my positive qualities. I also never have ego but am able to remain humble. This humility enables me to win the respect of others too.

Mera Baba

मेरा बाबा

In Spiritual Service,

Brahma Kumaris




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प्रिय पाठकों,

एक लड़के ने एक बहुत धनी आदमी को देखकर धनवान बनने का निश्चय किया। कई दिन वह कमाई में लगा रहा और कुछ पैसे भी कमा लिया। इस बीच उसकी भेंट एक विद्वान से हुई। अब उसने विद्वान बनने का निश्चय किया और दूसरे ही दिन से कमाई-धमाई छोड़कर पढ़ने में लग गया।

अभी अक्षर अभ्यास ही सीख पाया था कि उसकी भेंट एक संगीतज्ञ से हुई। उसे संगीत में अधिक आकर्षण दिखाई दिया, अतः उस दिन से पढ़ाई बंद कर दी और संगीत सीखने लगा। काफी उम्र बीत गई, न वह धनी हो सका न विद्वान। न संगीत सीख पाया न नेता बन सका। तब उसे बड़ा दुःख हुआ। 

एक दिन उसकी एक महात्मा से भेंट हुई। उसने अपने दुःख का कारण बताया। महात्मा मुसकरा कर बोले- बेटा दुनियाँ बड़ी चिकनी है। जहाँ जाओगे कोई न कोई आकर्षण दिखाई देगा। एक निश्चय कर लो और फिर जीते- जी उसी पर अमल करते रहो तो तुम्हारी उन्नति अवश्य हो जाएगी। बार-बार रुचि बदलते रहने से कोई भी उन्नति न कर पाओगे।’’ युवक समझ गया और अपना एक उद्देश्य निश्चित कर उसी का अभ्यास करने लगा।


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