The Energy Of Give And Take In Relationships

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The Energy Of Give And Take In Relationships

Love, more than any other virtue, is an extremely positive energy; it is an invisible prime mover and foundation of each one of our lives, a source of motivation and inspiration. People lacking love in their lives are normally lesser motivated and happier than those who have positive and healthy relationships full of love and an immense amount of love in their lives. But when the same energy of love, possessing immense positive potential, is negatively focused and is not used correctly, it leads to many dependencies which are negative in nature. How?

When you love someone, that could be your parents, your spouse, your children, your siblings, your friends, any relationship for that matter; there is a invisible and positive emotional and mental attraction between you and that person which keeps you connected to him/her, but the moment the love turns into attachment and becomes a dependency, that person starts dominating and controlling your inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions and your mental and emotional freedom is lost. It is as if your inner world succumbs to the influence of the other person and you are no longer yourself. Everything that goes on inside you and that comes out of you has an impression of the other. This kind of love is not empowering, energizing and healing, because in this kind of love, over a period of time, desires, wants and expectations from the other start emerging. All these emotions place you in a mental mode of taking instead of giving. Also in such a kind of love, where love is mixed with a desire to possess, over a period of time you start wanting to control the other. From this control, you start exercising a power to influence the other. At first you are under their influence. As more attachment builds up, this is followed shortly by your desire to bring them under your submission and influence them. That way, you feel that you have them and that they belong to you. This is love that wants to take and not give. In this kind of relationship of love, there is suffering and sorrow. Even if joy exists, it is extremely short lived. Unconditional love or love that only wants to give and not take or expect, strengthens and is healing, it never hurts or inflicts pain on the other.

Θ Message Θ

To be free from worry means to have the power to change negative into positive.

Thought to ponder: The ones who are free from worry change that which is bad into something good, because the state of mind is calm. The one with a calm state of mind is able to think creatively and see very clearly even beyond the situation. So there is the ability to transform the seemingly negative situation into something very positive. So there is clear decision-making and quick action. There is also no time wasted.

Point to practice: When I am free from worry, I constantly remain satisfied for having seen the positive and finding the solutions immediately instead of looking at the problem and worrying over it. This internal silence gives the feeling of power, which naturally enables transformation in a second and only the goodness is absorbed.

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– कुछ उपयोगी पोस्ट सफल जीवन से संबंधित –

* विचारों की शक्ति-(The Power of Thoughts)

KMSRAJ51 के महान विचार हिंदी में।

* खुश रहने के तरीके हिन्दी में।

* अपनी खुद की किस्मत बनाओ।

* सकारात्‍मक सोच है जीवन का सक्‍सेस मंत्र 

* चांदी की छड़ी।

kmsraj51- C Y M T

“सफलता का सबसे बड़ा सूत्र”(KMSRAJ51)

“स्वयं से वार्तालाप(बातचीत) करके जीवन में आश्चर्यजनक परिवर्तन लाया जा सकता है। ऐसा करके आप अपने भीतर छिपी बुराईयाें(Weakness) काे पहचानते है, और स्वयं काे अच्छा बनने के लिए प्रोत्सािहत करते हैं।”

In English

Amazing changes the conversation yourself can be brought tolife by. By doing this you Recognize hidden within the buraiyaensolar radiation, and encourage good solar radiation to becomethemselves.

 ~KMSRAJ51 (“तू ना हो निराश कभी मन से” किताब से)

“अगर अपने कार्य से आप स्वयं संतुष्ट हैं, ताे फिर अन्य लोग क्या कहते हैं उसकी परवाह ना करें।”






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Understanding What Are Karmic Accounts

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Understanding What Are Karmic Accounts

Mera Baba

मेरा बाबा

We are not individuals acting alone in this world drama; we act in this extraordinary drama or play of life with other actors or souls who (along with us) play their different roles with different physical costumes at different times in the drama. During the process of interaction with other actors (souls) and according to the type of interaction with them, we create accounts of debit or credit that become the basis of our connections with others. The reasons for which a specific relationship goes well or not are in the so calledkarmic account that I have accumulated with the other person in the past. The past could be in this birth alone or in one or many previous births. The souls that play the parts of parents, children, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, office colleagues and others whom I know form a network for the giving and receiving of happiness and sorrow from accounts established in the past or being created in the present.

The strongest relationships that I have now were established previously. We knew each other in other lives and but in different roles. The daughter of some births ago returns now as the father, the best friend comes back as the sister etc. As long as the account exists, the interchange of actions between two souls continues. When there is nothing more to give or receive, the paths between the two souls separate by death, a break-up, a divorce or simply by the loss of contact. An e.g. of this is our school friends. Many of our friends whom we were close to in our school days, we are not in touch with today. Another e.g. is when we change jobs; we might lose complete contact with our old colleagues.


To be free from waste questions is to save time.

Projection: When difficult situations come my way I usually have a lot of questions in my mind about it. I continue to ask myself why the situation has come and have no answers. These questions usually bring me no solution for the problems at hand but I continue to have waste thoughts.

Solution: I need to understand the importance of the time that is in my hands. When I recognize the value of my time I will not waste time in unnecessary thoughts but will try to find a solution for the problem. If there is no solution for the problem I at least just stop thinking unnecessarily and just accept it.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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“अपने लक्ष्य को इतना महान बना दो, की व्यर्थ के लीये समय ही ना बचे” -Kmsraj51 


अगर जीवन में सफल हाेना हैं, ताे कभी भी काेई भी कार्य करें ताे पुरें मन से करे।

जीवन में सफलता आपकाे देर से ही सही लेकिन सफलता आपकाे जरुर मिलेगी॥





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Soulword_kmsraj51 - Change Y M T

English Murli

Essence: Sweet children, the Father is the saccharine of love of all relationships. Remember the one sweet Beloved and your intellect will move away from all other directions.

Question: What is the easy effort you make and way to become karmateet?
Answer: Make effort for your vision of brotherhood to become firm. Forget everything except the one Father from your intellect. When you don’t remember any bodily relationships, you can become karmateet. The destination of your effort is to consider yourselves to be souls, brothers. By considering yourselves to be brothers, body-conscious vision and all vicious thoughts will end.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to attain a first-class beautiful body in the golden age, make the soul pure now. Remove the rust. Do not follow artificial fashion.
2. In order to become ever pure, practise not remembering anyone except the one Father. You should even forget that body of yours. Make the vision of brotherhood firm and natural.

Blessing: May you become filled with all treasures and a bestower who bestows by being aware of your form of one who has a right to the kingdom and then worthy of worship.

Constantly maintain the awareness: I am a worthy-of-worship soul and a bestower who gives to others; not one who takes (levta), but one who gives (a deity – devta). Just as the Father gave to all of you by Himself, in the same way, become a master bestower and continue to give, do not ask for anything. Maintain the awareness of your form of one with a right to the kingdom and one who is worthy of worship. Until today, people have been going to your non-living images and have continued to ask for something and to be saved. So, you are the ones who save others, not those who cry out to be saved. However, in order to become a bestower, become filled with all treasures through remembrance, service, good wishes and pure feelings.

Slogan: Happiness on your face and in your activity is the sign of a spiritual personality.


Hindi Murli

मुरली सार:- “मीठे बच्चे – बाप है सर्व सम्बन्धों के प्यार की सैक्रीन, एक मीठे माशुक को याद करो तो बुद्धि सब तरफ से हट जायेगी”

प्रश्न:- कर्मातीत बनने का सहज पुरूषार्थ वा युक्ति कौन-सी है?
उत्तर:- भाई-भाई की दृष्टि को पक्का करने का पुरूषार्थ करो। बुद्धि से एक बाप के सिवाए और सब कुछ भूल जाये। कोई भी देहधारी सम्बन्ध याद न आये तब कर्मातीत बनेंगे। अपने को आत्मा भाई-भाई समझना – यही पुरूषार्थ की मंज़िल है। भाई-भाई सम¬झने से देह की दृष्टि, विकारी ख्यालात ख़त्म हो जायेंगे।

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-
1) सत¬युग में फर्स्ट¬क्लास सुन्दर शरीर प्राप्त करने के लिए अभी आत्मा को पावन बनाना है, कट उतार देनी है। आर्टीफि¬शल फैशन नहीं करना है।
2) एवर पवित्र बनने के लिए प्रैक्टिस करनी है कि एक बाप के सिवाए कुछ भी याद न आये। यह देह भी भूली हुई हो। भाई-भाई की दृष्टि नैचु¬रल पक्की हो।

वरदान:- अपने राज्य अधिकारी वा पूज्य स्वरूप की स्मृति से दाता बन देने वाले सर्व खजानों से सम्पन्न भव
सदा इसी स्मृति में रहो कि मैं पूज्य आत्मा औरों को देने वाली दाता हूँ, लेवता नहीं, देवता हूँ। जैसे बाप ने आप सबको आपेही दिया है ऐसे आप भी मास्टर दाता बन देते चलो, मांगो नहीं। अपने राज्य अधि¬कारी वा पूज्य स्वरूप की स्मृति में रहो। आज तक आपके जड़ चित्रों से जाकर मांगनी करते हैं, कहते हैं हमको बचाओ। तो आप बचाने वाले हो, बचाओ-बचाओ कहने वाले नहीं। परन्तु दाता बनने के लिए याद से, सेवा से, शुभ भावना, शुभ कामना से सर्व खजानों में सम्पन्न बनो।

स्लोगन:- चलन और चेहरे की प्रस¬न्नता ही रूहानी पर्स¬नै¬लिटी की निशानी है।

Hinglish Murli

Murli Saar : – Meethe Bacche – Baap Hai Sarva Sambandho Ke Pyaar Ki Sakrine, Ek Mithe Mashuk Ko Yaad Karo Toh Buddhi Sab Taraf Se Hat Jayegi”

Prashna : – Karmatit Banne Ka Sahaj Pursharth Va Yukti Kaun – Si Hai ?

Uttar : – Bhai – Bhai Ki Dhrishti Ko Pakka Karne Ka Pursharth Karo. Buddhi Se Ek Baap Ke Sivay Aur Sab Kuch Bhul Jaye. Koi Bhi Deh Dhari Sambandh Yaad Na Aaye Tab Karmatit Banenge. Apne Ko Atma Bhai – Bhai Samjhna – Yahi Pursharth Ki Manzil Hai. Bhai – Bhai Samajhne Se Deh Ki Dhrishti, Vikari Khayalat Khtsm Ho Jayenge.

Dharan Ke Liye Mukhya Saar : –

1 ) Satyug Mei Firstclass Sundar Sharir Prapt Karne Ke Liye Abhi Atma Ko Paavan Banana Hai, Kat Utaar Deni Hai. Artificial Faishan Nahi Karna Hai.

2 ) Ever Pavitra Banne Ke Liye Practise Karni Hai Ki Ek Baap Ke Sivay Kuch Bhi Yaad Na Aaye. Yah Deh Bhi Bhuli Hui Ho. Bhai – Bhai Ki Dhrishti Natural Pakki Ho.

Vardan : – Apne Rajya Adhikari Va Pujya Swarup Ki Smruti Se Data Ban Dene Wale Sarva Khazano Se Sampann Bhav

Sada Issi Smruti Mei Raho Ki Mei Pujya Atma Aoro Ko Dene Vaali Data Hu, Levta Nahi, Devta Hu. Jaise Baap Ne Aap Sabko Aapehi Dia Hai Aise Aap Bhi Master Data Ban Dete Chalo, Mango Nahi. Apne Rajya Adhikari Va Pujya Swarup Ki Smruti Mei Raho. Aaj Tak Aapke Jad Chitro Se Jaakar Maagni Karte Hai, Kahte Hai Humko Bachao. Toh Aap Bachane Wale Ho, Bachao – Bachao Kahne Wale Nahi. Parantu Data Banne Ke Liye Yaad Se, Seva Se, Shubh Bhaavna, Shubh Kamna Se Sarva Khazano Mei Sampann Banno.

Slogan : – Chalan Aur Chehre Ki Prasanata Hi Ruhani Personality Ki Nishani Hai.

आध्यात्मिक सेवा में, 



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pink-sky-kmsraj51-10-Words for a success ful life

Picture Quotes By- “तू न हो निराश कभी मन से” किताब से


100 शब्द  या  10 शब्द – एक सफल जीवन के लिए –

(100 Word “or” Ten Word For A Successful Life )

“तू न हो निराश कभी मन से” किताब => लेखक कृष्ण मोहन सिंह (kmsraj51)

“अपने लक्ष्य को इतना महान बना दो, की  व्यथ॔ के लीये समय ही ना बचे” -Kmsraj51 

Soulword_kmsraj51 - Change Y M T


“सफल लोग अपने मस्तिष्क को इस तरह का बना लेते हैं कि उन्हें हर चीज सकारात्मक व खूबसूरत लगती है।”

“हमारी सफलता इस बात पर निर्भर करती है कि हम अपने जीवन का कुछ सेकंड, प्रतिघंटा और प्रतिदिन कैसे बिताते हैं”

-A Message To All-

मत करो हतोत्साहित अपने शब्दों से ……आने वाली नयी पीढ़ी को ,
वो भी करेंगे कुछ ऐसा एक दिन…. जिसे देखेगा ज़माना ….पकड़ती हुई नयी सीढ़ी को ॥

कुछ भी आप के लिए संभव है ॥

जीवन मंदिर सा पावन हाे, बाताें में सुंदर सावन हाे।

स्वाथ॔ ना भटके पास ज़रा भी, हर दिन मानो वृंदावन हाे॥


95+ देश के पाठकों द्वारा पढ़ा जाने वाला हिन्दी वेबसाइट है,, –

मैं अपने सभी प्रिय पाठकों का आभारी हूं…..  I am grateful to all my dear readers …..

“तू न हो निराश कभी मन से” book

~Change your mind thoughts~

@2014-all rights reserve under kmsraj51.

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रिश्तों के होते हैं दो छोर, एक सहयोग और एक विश्वास !!

kmsraj51 की कलम से …..

poetryरिश्तों के होते हैं दो छोर, एक सहयोग और एक विश्वास

रिश्तों के होते हैं दो छोर
एक सहयोग और एक विश्वास

रिश्तों में उठती तब भोर
जब हो उसमें प्रेम और अनुराग

रिश्तों में हो तभी मधुरता
ना हो शक और झूठ की दीवार

रिश्तें बनते तभी अनमोल
जब हो समझ और मधुर व्यवहार

रिश्तों में हो तभी मिठास
जब हो उसमें सांच और सोहार्द

रिश्तों में बन जाती दरार
जब हो दौलत की भूख और स्वार्थ

रिश्तों को बढ़ायें ये आधार
एक मधुर वाणी और दूसरा सम्मान

रिश्तों में पड़ जाती गांठ
जब होती उसमें इर्ष्या और जलन

रिश्तों में हो तभी महोब्बत
जब हो उसमें त्याग और समर्पण

ये कविता मैंने इसलिए लिखी-

क्यूंकि आजकल के रिश्तें ताश के पत्तों की तरह है ।
ना जानें कब और कहाँ पे आकर बिखर जाएँ ।
क्यूंकि आज के रिश्तों में सिर्फ स्वार्थ ही नजर आया ।
रिश्तें चलते हैं दो ही कड़ी पे तू मेरा हैं मैं तेरा हूँ ।
पर आज का रिश्ता दौलत की भूख और जलन से भरा पड़ा हैं ।
ना जाने क्यों लोग ख़ुद ही ख़ुद में खो गए है ।
किसी को किसी की ना तो आस है और ना विश्वास हैं ।
बदलते युग में खो गए ये अनमोल रिश्तें,
हर किसी को रोज मधुर-मधुर रिश्तो की तलाश हैं ।


यदि आपके पास Hindi या English में कोई article, inspirational story, Poetry या जानकारी है जो आप हमारे साथ share करना चाहते हैं तो कृपया उसे अपनी फोटो के साथ E-mail करें. हमारी Id है::- . पसंद आने पर हम उसे आपके नाम और फोटो के साथ यहाँ PUBLISH करेंगे. Thanks!!


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