VMware Technical Full Form !!

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VMware Certified Professional – (VCP)

Technical Support Engineer – (TSE)

Customer Support Representative – (CSR)

Support Administrator – (SA)

Primary and Secondary License Administrators – (PLAs and SLAs)

VMware Global Support Services (VGSS) &
Technical Support Engineers (TSEs)


Plugin Development Kit – (PDK)

Application Programming Interfaces – (APIs)

Technical Support Alliance Network – (TSANet)

or Cooperative Support Agreement – (CSA)

Virtual Computing Environment – (VCE)

Server Virtualization Validation Program – (SVVP)

Software Developers Kit – (SDK)

Command Line Interface – (CLI)

Java Development Kit – (JDK)

or Java Runtime Environment – (JRE)

VMware Security Response Policy – (VMSRP)

VMware Security Center – (VMSC)

Primary License Administrator – (PLA)

Virtualization support organization – (VSO)

Mission Critical Support – (MCS)

VMware Community Forum – (VMCF)

Local Language Support Policy – (LLSP)

Interactive Voice Response – (IVR)

Support Request – (SR)

Customer Support Request – (CSR)

Technical Support Request – (TSR)

Licensing Support Request – (LSR)

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