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Hulu’s mission is to help people find and enjoy the world’s premium video content when, where and how they want it. As we pursue this mission, we aspire to create a service that users, advertisers and content owners unabashedly love.



Hulu is an online video service that offers a selection of hit TV shows, clips, movies and more on the free, ad-supported service, and the subscription service Hulu Plus. Instantly stream any current season episode of primetime TV shows like Family Guy, Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and many others. Catch up on classic series including Lost, The Office, I Love Lucy, The Cosby Show, Frasier, Star Trek and Family Ties. Enjoy full episodes and clips from Saturday Night Live. Explore a wide array of acclaimed movies and documentaries, including hundreds of titles from The Criterion Collection. Discover Hulu Original Series like The Awesomes and A Day in the Life.

For just $7.99 a month, Hulu Plus subscribers can access premium programming anytime on internet-connected TVs, smartphones, game consoles, set top boxes and additional devices, in HD (when available). More details on Hulu Plus enabled devices can be found here.

Watch The 13th Unit (2014)HD


User Experience

Hulu is focused on quality and convenience and strives to create the best possible online video experience.
Hulu gives users the ability to customize their viewing experience online.
Hulu allows users to watch favorites or discover new shows anytime — at home or on the road.
Hulu’s search feature helps users find any premium video online even if it is not directly available on
Hulu is easy to use and share. Simply go to, and click on a video to watch right away.
Hulu does not require a download of any software. Users only need a Flash enabled computer and an Internet connection to enjoy.
Hulu offers the freedom to share full-length episodes or clips via e-mail or embeds on other websites, blogs and social networking pages.
Hulu’s clipping feature allows users to select a portion of the video they would like to share.
Hulu is free and legal through an advertising supported model.
Videos are available for unlimited streaming; watch favorite shows and clips over and over for free.
A modest amount of advertising runs during normal commercial breaks.
Hulu acquires the rights to distribute its videos, making them available to users legally.
Hulu Plus is an ad-supported subscription service that offers current and back season shows from ABC, Comedy Central, The CW, FOX, NBC, MTV and Univision to connected devices for $7.99 monthly.
Exclusive streaming access to full current and past seasons.
Available on smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets and more.
Easy to set up, watch and share.


Hulu allows users to enjoy great videos on and on many other popular sites across the Web. Hulu videos are available on Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, IMDb and TV Guide, as well as a growing network of personal blogs, fan sites and other sites where users choose to embed the Hulu video player.

Additionally, Hulu Plus subscribers can access more than 400 million connected TVs, smartphones, game consoles and set top boxes (not including PCs). Click here for more information on Hulu Plus enabled devices.



Hulu gives advertisers an opportunity to associate their brands with premium online video content and connect with highly engaged consumers. And, through the Hulu Plus subscription service, advertisers can extend their reach to the users of the millions of Hulu Plus enabled devices on market today.

Additionally, Hulu offers and is committed to the continued development of innovative advertising experiences. More than 1000 advertisers have leveraged the Hulu service since launch in 2008, including Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Visa, Pepsi, Nestle, Microsoft, GEICO, Target, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Purina, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, State Farm, Allstate, Unilever and Procter & Gamble.

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