“तू ना हो निराश कभी मन से”

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“तू ना हो निराश कभी मन से” 

विचारों की शक्ति से कुछ भी करना संभव है। मन जब शांत हाेगा, कुछ भी स्मरण रखना भी आसान हाेगा। मन शांत रहने से स्मरण शक्ति अतितीव्र हाे जाती हैं।


  1. मन के विचारों की शक्ति,
  2. कैसे मन के विचारों काे नियंत्रण में करें,
  3. मन के अंदर चलने वाले विचारों काे कैसे पढ़ें,

अब बहुत जल्द प्रकाशित हाेने वाला है…..

कृष्ण मोहन सिंह(Krishna Mohan Singh) द्वारा लिखित किताब,, 

“तू ना हो निराश कभी मन से” 

“मन के विचारों और शक्तियाें” पर लिखी गई एक अनमाेल ग्रंथ,, 

मन काे कैसे नियंत्रण में करें।

मन के विचारों काे कैसे नियंत्रित करें॥

विचारों के प्रकार-एक खुशी जीवन के लिए।

अपनी सोच काे हमेशा सकारात्मक कैसे रखें॥

“मन के बहुत सारे सवालाें का जवाब-आैर मन काे कैसे नियंत्रित कर उसे सहीं तरिके से संचालित कर शांतिमय जीवन जियें”

Thoughts: “तू ना हो निराश कभी मन से” किताब से,,


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“तू ना हो निराश कभी मन से”


“अपने लक्ष्य को इतना महान बना दो, की व्यर्थ के लीये समय ही ना बचे” -Kmsraj51 

खुद को साबित करने के लिए मौका मिलने के आप हकदार हैं। सफलता की नींव आप खुद हैं। 

दूसरे क्या सोच रहे हैं, इस बारे में अनुमान लगाते रहना नकारात्मक सोच की निशानी है।



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Stress Management !!


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Soulword_kmsraj51 - Change Y M T

Brahma Kumaris – Soul Sustenance and Message for the day

Soul Sustenance 18-04-2014

Stress Management 

Standing Back, Observing and Steering – 

Standing Back : We can do this individually or as a team, when stressful situations occur. We may take a few minutes to stand back mentally and physically from the situation or scene. 

Observing : The next step is to re-view the situation, as if we are an onlooker or a detached observer. Being as silent as possible, we can ask ourselves if the thoughts we are having are the ones we wish to keep, if they are going where we would choose them to. 

Steering : In the resulting silence, it is possible to steer (change direction) our thinking to where we want it to be; perhaps to personal affirmations (positive thoughts) we use to calm us. The affirmations can be: ‘I am aware of myself as calm and peaceful or, ….as happy and satisfied’, etc. 

This technique changes our attitudes and feelings, which influences positively the situation as well as how others respond. 

Message for the day 18-04-2014

To have a clear aim of where the action will lead is to be successful in everything. 

Expression: Many a times it so happens that one acts immediately seeing a situation. But the one who is successful analyses the situation and predicts the outcome of the action that he performs and then acts keeping the end result in mind. Because of knowing the consequences of the actions before actually performing that action, he is able to continue putting in effort in spite of the challenges and difficulties. So he continues to give his best to the task. 

Experience: When I am able to give time to myself to think before performing any action, I am able to take the opportunity to be clear in my thinking. The consequences of the action I wish to take are clear in my mind and so, the action taken to overcome the situation is right. Hence, I receive easy and sure success. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


Soulword_kmsraj51 - Change Y M T


Brahma Kumaris – Soul Sustenance and Message for the day


Soul Sustenance 17-04-2014

The Pledge Of Responsibility 

A very important aspect of progress in the self and my relationships, which we all desire is restoring a sense of responsibility in my inner world, so that by doing that, I and others around me are benefitted. Even on a physical or non-spiritual level, someone who is responsible while playing his/her role or performing his/her duties either in the family, at the workplace or in some other setting e.g. a club group or a team in a particular sport or a social service group, not only feels content with his/her actions himself/herself but spreads ripples of contentment to others and receives similar energy from each one he/she is involved with. In the same way on an emotional or spiritual level, when I start my day I need to remind myself of my responsibility towards myself.I need to remind myself that I am responsible for the choices I make in my life which influence and color everyone around me. So do my thoughts, feelings, the way my personality functions internally and externally the whole day and my responses to people and situations, for all of which I am responsible. 

It is like taking a pledge of responsibility with the self in the morning that today I will not create a single thought, word or action which is against the texture of my innate, positive nature i.e. irresponsible. And what will provide my pledge the much required strength of determination? An injection of positive thoughts, emotions and sanskaras within me in the morning, using a suitable technique of self empowerment like meditation or spiritual study or some other. By taking such a pledge of responsibility and by watering it with the energy of my attention from time to time during the day, I am able to implement it and can make a difference to not only the people around me, but to a lot more than that. In this way, as I change, the world around me changes, because the energy I create in my inner world starts flowing into my circumstances, my interactions, my sphere of karmas, etc. to make them positive, which benefits me in return in the form of a cyclic process. As I take this pledge and abide by it for a few days, I start realizing the immense potential that it possesses. 

Message for the day 17-04-2014

To transform waste into something purposeful and powerful is to remain light. 

Expression: To successfully transform something waste into something powerful and meaningful is to look beyond the situation and see what it has to teach. When there is the ability to do this, there is the ability to go on in spite of the most challenging obstacles. There is the deep understanding that nothing happens without a purpose. There is no time or energy wasted in wasteful company. 

Experience: When I understand the significance of everything that happens, I am able to transform in a second. So I am able to remain light because I am able to put in sincere effort and free myself from the burden of waste. I also find that there is no problem in my relationships too, as I am able to understand others and behave accordingly. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris





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