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तनाव प्रबंधन/Stress Management

Often when faced with stress at work or at home, we can feel quite drained (mentally tired). Indeed, we may have noticed how certain individuals or particular situations are draining. We feel as if all our energy has been drawn out of us and it leaves us tired and exhausted. Although this sort of energy cannot be measured in the scientific sense, we can use the power of imagery to stop us feeling drained.

E.g. we can visualize that we are surrounded by a sphere of golden light, so any negative feelings or energies cannot affect us. In a detached way, we can view what is happening and can act suitably, but we are not touched by the stress. This method of using your power of visualization to create protective shields around us can be used in stressful situations e.g. before or during an important exam or an important meeting, interview or any other specific situation.

– Message –

Lightness comes when words are accurate.

Expression: Accurate words means there is nothing extra spoken. Whatever has to be said, is said to the point. Such words being short, are sweet to hear too and are those that never hurt others. They bring about the result needed accurately.

Experience: When my words are to the point, there is a lot of lightness experienced within me and my physical energy is saved too. Others too experience benefit through my words and so I naturally get blessings from them, which helps me move forward with lightness.

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