Living A Life In Supra-Consciousness

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Living A Life In Supra-Consciousness – Part 1 

Life with a higher consciousness starts with taking two primary steps – one is the complete purity or holistic celibacy of the mind and the other is a strong love filled connection with a spiritual power giving source. Both contribute equally in creating a mind-field in which strongly charged thoughts (thoughts charged with strength) can emerge which contribute to success in every sphere of karma or action.

Many historians have pondered (given a thought to) over the success of many important and high profile individuals down the history lane – not only what success they achieved and how they achieved it, but also the reasons behind their success. These individuals include kings and queens of a high caliber, with rich capabilities; also many sportsmen and women which the world remembers a lot; also high class politicians from different countries all across the globe who etched (wrote) their names on not only hearts of people whom they led but also people who saw them do that from a distance i.e. people from countries other than their native countries. Also let us not forget the success stories created by scientists and engineers who set an example by dedicating their lives to bringing new inventions to society on which the world is thriving till the present day. There were writers also of different natures who wrote tons of pages on different subjects and are followed by millions of people all over the world for their prowess (skills) with the simple pen. The world also saw artists in different spheres like music, theatre, painting, sculpture, architecture and photography, bringing the world to their feet with their creative spirit. What was the common Aha factor in the lives of all of them – mental strength and also a solitude or silence filled intellect. Today, we have all achieved success on a material level but forgotten the basics of a higher spiritual consciousness or supra-consciousness and how it can bring in our favour the tag (label) of so called successful people.


Commitment for truth brings constant happiness.

Expression: For the one who is constantly with the truth, there will be no fluctuations in the happiness – experienced by the self and expressed to the others. So there is benefit for both the self and others through this. Only when there is no truth, the support of falsehood is taken to prove and defend oneself. So the happiness is not retained constantly.

Experience: When I am committed towards living by the truth, I will not be influenced by the different situations that I am faced with, but will be able to experience constant happiness. I will never be influenced negatively by negative situations and allow myself to lose my happiness. Also I naturally find my happiness rising constantly.

 Living A Life In Supra-Consciousness – Part 2 

Achievement is measured by many parameters in life. Successful people fulfill all these parameters in their respective fields to emerge as the special ones and not remain as the ordinary or the mundane. An architect thinks deeply to come up with the design of a new structure. The mind needs to be completely free from waste and negativity and completely silent and concentrated for the complete powers of the mind to be harnessed (used). A charismatic leader like Mahatma Gandhi took the vow of complete purity and ahimsa (or non-violence) which not only inspired others but also served as a power behind getting the country liberated from the British Empire. A living legend Pele, who passed through a poverty filled childhood in Brazil, surpassed all records and became known as the most amazing footballer of all times through the power of determination. Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity. Called the son of God, his secret was the power of love and capacity to tolerate, for which he is remembered by not only 200 crore plus Christians whose hearts are devoted to him, but revered (respected) by the complete world. King Vikramaditya, known for his wisdom, bravery and big-heartedness was the first king who started the worship of the bodiless Supreme godfather Shiva by building the first Jyotirlingam shrine out of the 12 existing Jyotirlingams in India – the Somnath temple in Gujarat, India. He was followed by millions all over India who not only worship Shiva but are an inspiration to many many people all over the world who worship God as non-physical or a subtle point of supreme energy, depicted in different religions in different ways. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and one of the oldest mathematicians of our times, led the way by inventing one of the most famous theorems of mathematics – the Pythagoras’s theorem by diving into the depths of ancient Greek wisdom and reflecting internally.

All the above and many many more luminaries (celebrities) of different fields had a supra-consciousness, that something above the ordinary consciousness which shaped their lives and their destiny and made them heroes remembered for their achievements.


Life’s situations are a game for the one who is prepared to face challenges.

Expression: For the one who is a skilled player, every situation, however challenging it may be, seems like a game. Even the most difficult situation is faced bravely, knowing that it has come to teach something and increase the skill within. So such a person becomes a source of support to those around during difficult times.

Experience: When I am aware of my own skills and specialities, I am able to face all life’s situations with lightness and confidence. I enjoy everything that comes my way. I also am able to experience progress as I use all situations as a means for further increasing my own potential.

 Living A Life In Supra-Consciousness – Part 3 

Living a life in supra-consciousness will give us the power to bring the aims and objectives in our respective fields, whether it be in the professional sector or on a family relationship level or in any extra-curricular activity like a hobby or a sport or on a social activity level like service to mankind or for achieving an objective for the physical body like overcoming a serious ailment (illness) or for some the purpose of earning wealth through different means. A higher spiritual consciousness or supra-consciousness is not only a powerful thought or the power of determination but also an inculcation of a particular virtue or power through self-assessment and nurturing the virtue or power through pure thoughts and feelings. It is an emerged consciousness for a purpose or as a natural nature characteristic focused towards the fulfillment of a significant aim in our life and is the opposite of sub-consciousness which is more of a hidden consciousness and a merged one, but equally important. The conscious mind is the average or the centre between the supra-conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind.

Also, the complete celibacy of the mind, which means a clean and clear transparent water like mind with no trace of anger, lust, jealousy, animosity (hatred), greed or ego; but on the other hand a mind in which the pure lotuses of positive qualities, personality specialties, talents and skills flourish – is a primary requirement for a supra-consciousness to do its work. Along with the requirement of a clean mind, the other potent (powerful) force for a supra-consciousness is the fuel of a powerful and clear connection with the Almighty Father or God, whose power is the highest and strongest in the world. This fuel lifts the consciousness to amazingly high levels and increases its capacity to the levels of God’s consciousness which can achieve success in the most difficult tasks that exist on the planet Earth. And a supra-consciousness is the key to injecting the energy of positivity into any task and contribute to its fulfillment.


Love for positivity brings progress.

Expression: When I have love for positivity, I will not be able to have negative thoughts for a long time. I will naturally put in effort, both internally and externally to come back to positivity. So this positivity spreads around to others too and serves in creating a positive environment.

Experience: Because of my love for positivity, I begin to enjoy creating and maintaining positive thoughts. When there is experience of positivity within, there is the natural desire to sustain it. Then no negative thoughts or feelings are encouraged. Slowly I find myself being only positive.

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