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Soul Sustenance 25-04-2014

Defining Success 

Given below are some definitions of success: 

• Feeling yourself to be full of inner contentment and happiness, with an optimistic mental state, without fear, happy and in a good mood. Being fine, in balance and at peace with oneself. 
• Finding meaning in what you do. 
• Discovering what will bring you closer to your dream. 
• Success is about more than just possessing; it is facing all situations, even the negative ones, transforming them into the positive and feeling yourself realized, personally and emotionally. 
• Having courage to take forward what you want, in spite of what you find against it. 
• Achieving in each moment the desired objectives at all levels of the inner being. Fulfilling set objectives and adopting a positive attitude. 
• Being able to be beyond noise i.e. experience silence wherever and whenever you wish to – silence being the key to all spiritual treasures. 
• Remaining humble in the wake of all achievements and glory that may come your way. 
• Not being afraid of failure. 
• Satisfaction at work. 
• In harmony with one’s inner conscience (while performing all actions). 

Tomorrow we shall discuss some factors that bring us closer to success. 

Message for the day 25-04-2014

To be a giver is to be flexible. 

Expression: The one who does not expect from others, but is able to give others from whatever resources he has, is the one who is flexible. Being flexible means to be able to recognize the other person’s value system and moulding one self according to it without losing touch with one’s own value system. 

Experience: When I am a giver, I do not expect others to change according to my value system, but am very easily able to find a way to adapt to the other person’s value system. I never expect from others to understand me, but am able to understand others. So there is never any feeling of negativity for anyone. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris




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