Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 10-04-2014

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Soul Sustenance 10-04-2014

Universal Concepts About The Supreme Being or God – Part 1

There are some universally accepted characteristics of God:

• He is the creator and the one who sustains and takes care of the entire world population.
• He is the Highest of Highest.
• He is the Supreme Father.
• He is non-physical.
• He is omnipotent (one with unlimited power).
• He is a living being.
• He is all-loving and possesses complete knowledge.
• He is unchangeable.
• He is one and He is light.
• He is perfect in values and morals.
• He is absolutely just.
• He is the Supreme Benefactor (the one who brings benefit to everyone).
• He is the savior of souls.
• He is the purifier.
• He is mysterious in His ways.

Even in those religions that believe in and worship many Gods, there is one God who stands above the others. Then there are other faiths who believe God to be one single Supreme Being. Traditions, sacred texts, monuments, sayings and rituals all over the world, point to the existence of and belief in one knowledgeful, all-powerful and merciful being or soul. That being is universally called out to and recognized as the remover of sorrow, the giver of happiness and the savior of the sinful.

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Message for the day 10-04-2014

To be a master means to win over habits

Expression: Normally habits rule over the person and there is the inability to be a master over them. But to be a master is not to get influenced negatively by the habits but to be a stronger influence. The one who is a master never reacts to situations, but is able to respond to situations positively. Such a person is free from negativity in words and actions.

Experience: When there is inner silence I am able to overcome the negative influence of my habits. Inner silence comes with an experience of positivity. With practice I experience detachment from the situations and am able to feel the inner powers which frees me from the negativity of the situation too. So there is victory over the habit.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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