8 Powers To Experience Success

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≈» 8 Powers To Experience Success – Part 1

A very important measuring meter of life which we forget to use in our daily routine is the spiritual power meter which means that in any difficult situation of life, how good I was in using a spiritual power in overcoming that situation. The eight main spiritual powers are the power to tolerate, power to accommodate, power to face, power to pack up, power to discriminate, power to judge, power to withdraw and power to co-operate.

E.g. I am driving my car on a crowded road and all of a sudden my car is banged by another driver from behind leaving a big dent on my car. Very often and a lot of people in such situations, as we see in big cities, will get out of the car and confront the opposite car driver. Then they will demand a few thousand rupees from him. Sometimes, there can be a war of words and even a fight and sometimes when the anger is at its highest, it overflows and results in an injury or even death. Another person in a similar situation, on the other hand, will remain calm and instead of becoming angry, will forgive the other driver and instead of fighting, will quietly drive away. Which power does the first person lack and the other person has because of which the reactions are so different? In this situation, the power to tolerate and the power to accommodate the other person’s actions are the two main powers out of the above mentioned eight powers, which are required. Of course, the other six powers are also required but the two mentioned are required more than the rest. This is an example of a common situation, where anger and ego are the two main negative forces over which these two spiritual powers – the power to tolerate and the power to accommodate have to gain victory. Also, a very important point to note that all four of them – the two powers as well as the two negative forces are sanskaras inside the soul which can be changed i.e. the power can be filled or increased and the negative force can be removed or reduced.


The one who serves others is the richest.

Expression: To be in a position to serve others means to be aware of the resources and treasures within. When all the powers that are within are used for the benefit of the self and others they tend to multiply and increase. So the one who continues to serve others continues to become richer.

Experience: When I serve, not only do I become richer with what I use, but for having served unselfishly I also become richer with the blessings and good wishes that emerge from the hearts of others. I am able to experience the real richness and beauty of life as there is a lot of love, happiness and joy in my life.

≈» 8 Powers To Experience Success – Part 2

Whenever you start the day and you have work to do, remind yourself that I have to use the eight spiritual powers in overcoming situations of various types and experience success. Take for e.g. today I have to meet a group of executives in a company meeting and we have to take a few decisions based on everyone’s feedback. For such a situation, I need to use the power to discriminate the different opinions of people and also the power to judge and reach a final decision based on the different opinions. For this I need a clean intellect and a stable mind and also as mentioned in yesterday’s message the sanskaras of these two powers especially. Also, suddenly my close associate in the office develops a cold war with me i.e. he starts keeping a distance from me. In such a situation, to get him back on good terms with me, I need the power to co-operate and accommodate along with the other powers to a lesser extent. These are examples of two different situations at the workplace.

Then there are situations involved with the body becoming ill at times and the mind feels burdened by that and the smile on the face is replaced by discontentment and indifference for many people when faced with such physical body related problems. In such a situation the primary power required is the power to face and the power to accommodate. The other six powers also reduce when faced with an illness. There are some people who lose their temper or get angry very easily when they are not physically well i.e. their power to tolerate and power to co-operate reduces. Also, some people will find it hard to discriminate right from wrong and judge correctly when are not well, which are two important powers required to be successful in real life situations. And again, because in all illness, negative thoughts can increase, there are people who will find it extremely difficult to get sleep and remain focused i.e. their power to pack up and withdraw gets affected in such a situation.


To connect to others’ specialties is to get cooperation.

Expression: The one who sees specialties has faith in others. Whatever the person’s present action or response may be, when we remain connected to the specialties, we are able to use these specialties with faith. This also makes us have good wishes for them. This automatically makes us easily give and get cooperation.

Experience: Today I will see only specialties in others. I will think of one person whom I have more interaction with. I will specially focus on the strengths of this person. As far as possible, I will also remind him too of these specialties.

≈» 8 Powers To Experience Success – Part 3

The list of different situations that we go through in the entire day is endless. Of course, the powers required in all the different situations are different. Sometimes not just one or two but all the eight powers, to different extents, are required to experience success. We have to bring the power into action. There are three stages of bringing a power into action. The first step is realizing that in a particular situation I need a particular spiritual power and being sure as to which that power is or powers are. For this, I need a calm mind and a pure intellect and also an experience of the past of having gone through different types of situations of the mind, body, role and relationships. E.g. if someone’s behavior is not very positive towards me, in such a situation, to experience success, I need the power to tolerate and accommodate. At the same time, in such situations, it is not wise to use the power to face i.e. being bold and trying to face the other person. I need to know that I have to face the situation, not the person, which could spoil the situation. So, I need to be clear about my choices and need to be sure as to which of the eight powers I should use. A wrong choice of power can mean a negative situation becoming more negative and a right choice can lead to a solution to a problem.

Then, the second step is to emerge that power inside my consciousness. This depends on how my sanskaras have been filled with these eight powers over a long period of time. Of course, all people have all eight powers to a little extent at least, but some people’ssanskaras of the powers are deeper than the others and so they are able to emerge the powers more easily. Also, after that, the last step is implementing the power and bringing it into action. This means that the power does not only emerge in my mind, but it shows through my thoughts, words and actions also.


To use resources well is to increase them.

Expression: If I put to use whatever resources I have, I will be able to increase them. Firstly, whatever I use, I become aware of them more and more. They become more and more available to me. Secondly, for having used them, they get sharpened and much better. It also brings back return from others in some way or the other.

Experience: Today I will recognize at least one special resource which I have not been putting to use. It could be the resource of a skill that I have; some specialty or even something more subtle, like the resource of my thoughts or time. I will start using it consciously, so that I use it more and more, thus increasing it.

≈» 8 Powers To Experience Success – Part 4

When starting a day, talk to yourself that from the first moment till the end of the day I will remain stable and not be lacking any of the 8 powers – the power to tolerate, power to accommodate, power to face, power to pack up, power to discriminate, power to judge, power to withdraw and power to co-operate. Then, step into the day on a determined note and see what difference this first powerful thought brings to the day. It’s like getting up and saying Good Morning to everyone around you. They say by doing that, not only the morning but the complete day is spent in a positive way. In the same manner, a morning thought of determination to succeed on an emotional level is a great start of the day which goes a long way in making us immune to the effects of the different types of problems that come our way throughout the day. It can be called a morning mantra which keeps us strong till the night.

A determined start of the day is half the work done and is the foundation of a day filled with success in keeping the mind under control, relationships successful, role in the family and at the workplace running smoothly, stability while handling wealth and lastly freedom from the sorrow experienced due to physical illnesses, if any. So, don’t ever be in a hurry to start the day. A hurried start to the day is a sure method of bringing about confusion and powerlessness in the complete day and is the main cause of experiencing failure repeatedly. The power to succeed does not only mean success on a physical level but also the ability to stay happy, content, peaceful and light while doing anything. So, enjoy the day on a physical level but do not forget that without the experiences of lightness and power you will not feel satisfied from inside and will not be able to enjoy life to its fullest. And for that, a morning pledge of power and determination is of utmost importance.


To say yes is to have access to the best of qualities.

Expression: Whenever life offers something challenging, it is important to just say yes without worrying. Automatically, this new challenge brings out new qualities that I may not be aware of before. If I say yes and yet have worry or tension, I cannot use my qualities. I will also not be able to use others’ help.

Experience: Today I will accept one challenge which I have been avoiding. I will take it up with the firm faith that I can succeed in it surely. I will then use all my resources to achieve what I set out to achieve. I would then find that others too would start cooperating and other resources will be available to me.

≈» 8 Powers To Experience Success – Part 5

We had explained the importance of the first step of the day as a step of determination and the effect it has on the entire day after that. But it is important to note that along with determination we also need spiritual strength and wisdom to bring the eight powers into practice. Strength is the inner ability of the soul to emerge and bring these powers into action. Wisdom on the other hand is to know which power is required and when and is the key to making the strength work i.e. bringing the power into actual action. Both wisdom and strength are of equal importance.

Wisdom is learnt through the medium of spirituality. It includes the complete knowledge of the soul and how it works. Along with that the knowledge of karma which in short is the law of action and reaction which means every good or bad karma causes a similar result, which the soul has to experience in the form of joy and sorrow. Also, a relationship with God and the knowledge of that as well as the knowledge of who is God and how we can connect with Him and fill ourselves with the eight powers. Along with that the knowledge of the world drama and how we come into the cycle of birth and rebirth and lose our eight powers and how we can regain them. Of course, lastly the knowledge of the eight powers and their practical use in day-to-day life. All these aspects of spirituality and their complete knowledge is spiritual wisdom. To attain wisdom, you do not need to leave your day-to-day life routine or your homes. It can be done while being a professional. On the other hand, the wisdom is required more if you are living a life in which you meet different types of people with different natures, which is only possible if you are living a life full of different relationships at the personal and professional levels. So, live in a family, go to office, run a business but do not forget to listen or read spiritual knowledge along with that because without wisdom, you will not know how to use the eight powers and will not know how to be emotionally successful.


To have self-respect is to get respect from all.

Expression: Anything that is full will remain stable. When I am in my stage of self-respect, I will be humble. I then need not ask for or demand respect. I will become worthy of receiving respect. People will then automatically give good wishes and respect.

Experience: Today I will take one point that acts like a practice of self-respect. I will take a simple thought reminding of it from time to time. A thought like “I have the right to success” or “I am special and unique” or any other thought of practice helps.

≈» 8 Powers To Experience Success – Part 6

We had explained how spiritual wisdom is the key to using spiritual strength in a particular situation which is required to use a certain power out of the eight main powers. In this message, which is the last part of this message series we explain how we fill ourselves with spiritual strength because only wisdom is not enough to experience success in a particular situation. Spiritual wisdom will be incomplete without spiritual strength and will be like an axe without a sharp edge.

Spiritual strength is filled in the soul over a long period of time. It requires the practice of meditation, which is the only way a soul can empower itself after it has lost most of its powers in the cycle of birth and rebirth. Meditation, as taught at the Brahma Kumaris, is a technique of connecting the mind using thought power and intellect using visualization power, together with God who is the Supreme Source of spiritual strength. In meditation, we take little steps of creating thoughts in the mind and creating mental images in the intellect and in a few minutes reach a stage of higher consciousness of the realization of the soul and then God, the Supreme Soul which is the final step. Of course, after reaching an experience of a realization of the Supreme Soul, one needs to remain in that experience, which is a face-to-face deep connection with God, in which His power enters the soul and the soul is strengthened. So, this taking in of power or absorption of spiritual strength over a period of time naturally fills the soul with the eight powers – the power to tolerate, power to accommodate, power to face, power to pack up, power to discriminate, power to judge, power to withdraw and power to co-operate. It is important to note that in meditation we use the mind and intellect of the soul to connect with the Almighty source. As a result, spiritual power gets filled in the sanskaras of the soul. In this way, we become a master almighty or a spiritually powerful child of God, full of all the eight powers.


Introversion brings out the positivity within.

Thought to Ponder: Every human being has an innate positive nature because of the inherent qualities of love, peace, happiness etc. that are within. Introversion, the practice of looking within, enables one to be in constant touch with oneself and one’s true nature. It helps express these qualities in everything that is done. Because of having practiced for a long time with them, these qualities emerge very naturally at the time of need.

Point to Practice: The practice of being introverted helps me in experiencing those qualities within me, which otherwise remain hidden during difficult situations. Thus it makes me have true self-respect and enables me to finish my ego. It also gives me the power to recognise and accept my mistakes, thus giving me the courage to work on them successfully.

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