God And I – The Relationship We Share

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God And I – The Relationship We Share – Part 1

A beautiful lesson which we learn at the Brahma Kumaris is to keep God with us in every action throughout the day. The type of remembrance varies according to the action we are performing and also changes depending on the setting we are in, like whom we are talking to, whether we are silent or our mind is busy in something. Also whether the action we are performing at that time is something we have to give a lot of mental attention to like driving a car or is it an action like taking a walk in the park which allows us time to give ourselves mentally to. The energies of our mind and intellect are used in remembrance and we have to keep that in mind and decide how we will invest that particular time wisely and also how we will keep God as a companion with us. There are various different methods of keeping a positive consciousness through the direct or indirect remembrance of God. They say God resides in clean temples only – that means if our mind is absolutely clean, we can experience God extremely closely. Do you know that there are some people in the world, amongst us, for whom God is an extremely close friend who will tell them everything that is required to experience success in every sphere of life? A sweet conversation with God in which He can give clear and absolutely true instructions for the required moment based on the scenes which He can see from above, of which we are completely unaware since they are hidden from our physical eyes.

Very often we are so busy in performing actions, that our subtle connection with the Supreme or God is cut off and we do not realize it. What is the right type of positive type of mindset with a pure connection with God, our spiritual Father and Mother, throughout the day, in different actions, is something that God has shared with us at the Brahma Kumaris. This has made us rich with His power filled company. Our every action needs to be filled with the love filled company of the Highest of Highest and the most beautiful being that exists, whom we have given the name – God.

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To be strong is to ensure positivity in life.

Thought to Ponder: When I am weak, I am actually inviting wrong and weak things to enter my life. If I am strong, I only know to move on with self-respect and pride. Even weakness will hesitate to come my way. I will be able to use my strength under all circumstances.

Point to Practice: Today I will make a list of my own specialties and keep that in my awareness through out the day. I will remind myself of this at least 10 times during the day. So, today I will move forward with an awareness of my strength.

God And I – The Relationship We Share – Part 2

Taking God with you to your office, having Him with you while having lunch, sleeping in His lap, talking to Him when faced with a challenge, putting your head on His shoulder when in trouble and taking support, are some of the common experiences of God and His children here at the Brahma Kumaris. These are the same experiences which you might also have gone through even if you are not attached to a particular spiritual organization. But the one important thing that we would like to share with you is that even we, in our journey with the Brahma Kumaris, define being with God in a different way as we spend more and more time with Him. So say 5-6 years ago, we used the same words – we love God and enjoy being with Him throughout the day, but the same words mean a lot more now than what they meant 5-6 years ago. Today we experience God much closely than we did say a few years ago, even though we were with a spiritual organization like this one at that time also. God keeps revealing Himself more and more as we become cleaner and purer even at the most subtle level of the consciousness.

So it’s the same God and it’s the same me but our consciousness has changed in say 5 years because of which God is inspired to fill us more and more with His divine experiences and a walk with God with His hand in our hand today means something much more beautiful than what it meant at that time. Also don’t forget the same experience will be much more deeper after the next 3-4 years. So God does not change but because He reveals different characteristics of His personality from time to time we grow closer and closer to Him and a companionship with God at all levels of thought, word and action takes a newer meaning everyday. Based on this type of spiritual life which keeps becoming more and more beautiful everyday, we welcome you to the centers of the Brahma Kumaris to learn meditation and join us in these life changing experiences of seeing God as closely as what you might ever be able to imagine.

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Royalty of personality lies in cheerfulness.

Thought to Ponder: A royal person maintains his royalty and poise in all circumstances. Cheerfulness in all situations is royalty. There might be situations challenging my state of self-respect and happiness. But I will continue to move forward with a sense of self-respect and positivity.

Point to Practice: Today I will remain seated on my secret of self-respect in all I do. I will order situations, my mind and my own sense organs whilst seated on this seat. I will not come down and get colored or affected by the negativity of the situation.


God And I – The Relationship We Share  Part 3

A beautiful relationship with God does not mean that we stop having beautiful relationships with everyone else because the love experienced from God is used to give to others without which life would be without any meaning. People who have tried to connect to God alone and forgot the beautiful people in their lives which make life a joyful journey did not reach the destination of peace, love and joy successfully. A loner or someone who disconnects with people will never feel as satisfied as one who connects with people and their specialties. God is to be included into your life and given the highest status but not at the cost of relationships which you share with others. Love God a lot but love others too. In fact, it is God’s love which will fill our relationships with others full of love. This is the triangle of spirituality. Take from God and give to others and also love others to bring them closer to God. This is the objective of true spirituality. Spirituality does not mean only remembering God to purify oneself but to serve others with that pure love which you receive from God. Service, as stated in all religions, is one of the primary objectives of a beautiful spiritual life and service is nothing but purifying others with the help of a love filled connection with God.

Loving God with a pure heart is another aspect of spirituality. Remember it’s the humble and the sweet who will win God’s love and closeness. The egoistic and the critical lose God’s love and as a result are not able to fill their relationships with it. A loveful bond with God means being happy in His company and sharing that happiness with your eyes, face and your words and actions with others. A remembrance of God at the Brahma Kumaris in meditation is often done in a gathering to share the vibrations of peace, love and joy with others sitting with you through your eyes or vision. That is why we at the Brahma Kumaris meditate with open eyes. So taking and giving go side by side, remembrance of God and serving others go side by side.

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To recharge body and soul is to be immune to disease.

Thought to Ponder: Body gets recharged with good diet, exercise and rest. With these three, we can become immune to disease. For the mind too, we need good food (positive thoughts), exercise (practicing with channelizing thoughts in a positive direction) and rest (peace of mind). When I have these, my mind and soul gets charged and I remain strong. So, I don’t succumb to the negativity of the situation.

Point to Practice: Today I will read something positive(food). I will remind myself of this at least 5 times (exercise) and I will spend at least a few minutes in peace (rest). This will induce a practice of a positive life style.


God And I – The Relationship We Share – Part 4

A relationship with God is incomplete without His remembrance in the right way. Of course, there are millions of people in the world who love God and keep Him in His heart in different ways. But as a student of the Brahma Kumaris, we have learnt a lot about God and as many people all over the world share their experience that what they learnt here was a complete description of who they are and also about God and His spiritual form, His qualities and extremely importantly His role of the present time.

You might say that we already know God in some way or the other but don’t forget that there is always room for more to learn, which should not be ignored. So keep your minds and hearts open to new knowledge of the world and the world Father and Mother, whom we call God. God has opened many secrets about Himself, which many people all over the world have learned and made a part of their life by being a part of our introductory course that we offer here at the Brahma Kumaris, which is held for one hour everyday and lasts for a week. After that, it is upto you to make a choice whether you continue inculcating more knowledge or you do not but this course will open your mind and give your inner thinking a different point of view and for some it can be a life changing experience. We invite you to any centre of the Brahma Kumaris, which are present in 115 countries of the world and all over India. The course is conducted free of charge and the Brahma Kumaris offer this course to people from all the different religions and irrespective of age, gender and occupation. What that means is that anyone and everyone can take up the course and a time can be fixed up as per your convenience and the convenience of the centre and the teachers at the centre. This will give you an idea of God’s personality and also His present task of world change which is known to a few people only and is something which is being learnt at a fast pace by a large number of people who have taken this first step.

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Patience brings solutions to problems.

Thought to Ponder: When I am patient, in the face of challenges, I find time heals most of the problems. Even for those which I have to work on, patience helps me be cool and collected and helps me easily find solutions, without becoming panicky or upset. Patience also helps me to understand what I need to work on and what I need to leave for time to heal or correct.

Point to Practice: Today I will calm my mind before attempting to find solutions. I will look with detachment at a problem, knowing well the solution has to come. I will not consider it as my problem, but just as ‘a problem’ that has to be worked on.

God And I – The Relationship We Share – Part 5

A companionship with God is incomplete without starting the day with His pure remembrance in your heart and that means experiencing one’s true self and the form of the true self, which is the same as God’s form. Only then can we experience God closely. At the Brahma Kumaris we say realize yourself as a soul or a pure being of light and then connect with the Supreme Being of spiritual light or God. This is called Rajyoga meditation. This is the first connection of the morning. At the Brahma Kumaris, we perform this mental exercise everyday at 4 am in the morning, because this is the time when nature is extremely pure and silent. Also at that time a large number, in fact most people are sleeping because of which the overall spiritual atmosphere of the area around you and in your region or country atleast is pure, with very little negative activity in the form of thoughts, words and actions which are based on the sanskaras of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment, which are the five primary vices which influence the spiritual vibrations of the world negatively.

As a newcomer to the Brahma Kumaris, for some, the early morning meditation is the most beautiful experience which they went through over here. They also share their life changing experience of how they connect with God through the medium of spiritual knowledge, with their friends and family members to make them aware as to how one can, with the power of thought and the eye of the mind, experience a spiritual union with God in His home, the soul world which is up above the skies and the sun, moon and stars. So, something which has drawn thousands of people to the Brahma Kumaris is the technique of Rajyoga meditation. It is called Rajyoga because it is a simple union with the Highest being that exists – God. It does not involve any particular posture or difficult physical exercises and is an exercise of the mind and can be done by anyone, whether old or young.

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Remove the darkness of the mind and the world around will be illuminated.

Thought to Ponder: If I am seeing negativity, it is an indication that there is something negative in my own mind. I need to work on that which is in me, rather than trying to change others. Self-checking helps me become better and better and I start noticing that I am able to see more and more of the positive that is around me.

Point to Practice: Today I will check what aspect in me is making me see in others/situations. I will work on changing this. However, it is also important to do this checking and changing with a feeling of self-respect and not being caught up with guilt or negativity for the self.

God And I – The Relationship We Share – Part 6

Keep in mind some form of remembrance of God once you start performing actions like getting ready in the morning, cooking food, driving to work, taking a walk in the evening and going off to sleep. Do you know that God is not present in every molecule of the world or is not omnipresent or sarvayapi in Hindi, as we think. What that means that He is not actually present everywhere but His remembrance is present in every human being’s heart and that is why we think He is everywhere. There is a difference between what the two ways of expressing the same thing mean. So, we say – God, we love you and we experience His warmth and love immediately at that time. The complete world’s more than 7 billion population can do this at one time and God can respond to each one’s loveful thought with love in return. This is God’s power and because of this power, we thought that God is in each and every molecule of the world. So, we at the Brahma Kumaris, do not deny God’s remembrance in 7 billion hearts but do deny God’s actual presence in those same hearts. There is a difference between remembrance and actual presence.

If God was actually present in the hearts of 7 billion people, they would all be happy and there would be no spiritual ignorance in the world. Also people would never give any sorrow to each other and there would be no misuse of lust or impure physical attractions in the world. If God was present in every molecule of nature, there would be no natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and droughts in the world which give sorrow to everyone. Also, the complete animal and plant life would be in order which is not the case. Are ecological and climatic disturbances which are threatening the safety of human beings a sign that God is present everywhere? Wherever we see, negativity in the world at all levels is increasing, human values and qualities are reducing. All show that God is not actually present everywhere, but His remembrance still exists in human hearts, but not equally in each one’s heart, because of which the world is not a very nice place to live in at the present moment. Our remembrance of God will bring peace, love and happiness back in the world and that is why this remembrance is a lifeline for the world.

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To be free from desires is to be free from the burden of problems.

Thought to Ponder: When I chase my shadow, there is sorrow, but when I face the sun, I find my shadow following me. Unreasonable desires are like the shadow which I am trying to catch. What I need to do is, have a clear aim and work towards it.That is like facing the sun. I find more attainments when I am connected with my efforts.

Point to Practice: Today I will check my desires and ask myself if I am doing anything to earn them.I will then see what I really want, make a clear plan to achieve it and follow this plan in order to get to it. This will enable me to be connected with my efforts and the fruit of my efforts would surely come, bringing along with it a lot of other qualities in me.

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